We Enjoyed An At-Home Magic Show, Courtesy of Andrew Lee!

Image Credit: Andrew Lee Magic

Look, y’all. We know things aren’t the best right now, and we feel you. But we’re not here to remind you of that. We’re here to spread positive vibes, and hopefully be able to keep your spirits up. And if we can’t do that on our own, maybe Andrew Lee, Malaysian illusionist and mentalist, can help you with that. About two weeks ago, our team had a virtual magic session with Andrew, and it was easily the most fun we had in weeks! In short, we highly recommend it, and this is our experience with it.

Okay, we lied. First, we gotta introduce Andrew.

Andrew Lee Magic

Andrew Lee is a mentalist and illusionist, enchanting and wowing his audience with a variety of illusions, including psychokinesis, sixth sense, telepathy, and telekinesis, to name a few. Some of his extraordinary feats include levitation, non-verbal communication, predictions, and reading of minds. Skilled as he is, he has gained worldwide attention and success, and some of his notable appearances/events include:

  • Being the first Malaysian Mentalist & Illusionist to have sold out shows for his Mentalism and Illusion performances at Fringe World, Australia for 2016 & 2017
  • Being the first Malaysian Magician to have predicted the results for the prestigious Melbourne Cup 2016 live on Australia’s popular primetime talk show, Today Tonight, on Channel 7
  • Voted the #1 Magician in Malaysia (on TallyPress, check it out here!)
  • Frequently entertains for leading international cruises such as the Princess Cruises, Cunard and Holland American Line
  • Britain’s Got Talent (2018)
  • Asia Got Talent (2018)
Image Credit: Andrew Lee Magic

Beyond his tricks, Andrew focuses on creating personal connections with his audiences, evoking real emotions and feelings. Watching audiences’ faces light up is pure magic for Andrew.

Magic At Home

Conducted through Zoom, the session lasted about 45 minutes. Besides all the magic tricks performed by Andrew, it also employed other tools such as pre-recorded videos. The session started off with greetings and a request for cameras to be on, as it was to be an interactive session. Once everyone was ready, Andrew took us through movements we could show to express our enthusiasm, and then the magic show began. With each different trick, he selected different members of the audience to “help” him, so that everyone gets a chance to participate, instead of just being a passive, idle spectator. We have to say, taking part in it really heightens the experience of magic. Who knew that the sense of magic could also translate through space and time, through screens?

Image Credit: Andrew Lee Magic

Absolutely Magical

What’s most important for a magician?

Andrew opened with a simple question: what did we think was most important for a magician to succeed? He named three things, and held up three different lengths of rope to represent each. As we typed in our answers, Andrew talked about the three aspects he mentioned, all the while demonstrating with the ropes. Before our very eyes, the ropes became the same length, and just as suddenly, were of different lengths again. If you think that I might be doing a poor job of describing it, you’re probably right. You should just watch Andrew’s show for yourself.


This one was a mind-reading exercise, and I got looped in to participate with this. Basically, there are folded bits of coloured paper available, and all you have to do is choose one colour among them. It sounds deceptively simple, but what’s written on the piece of paper each audience chooses is, frankly, quite mind-boggling, and the final reveal might even send shivers up your spine. Simple, but effective, this.

Card Tricks

This is probably a staple for each magician: guessing your card. This is a bit of a lengthy one and requires you to carry out a set of instructions accurately, but the wait makes the reveal even sweeter. We were all suitably impressed that Andrew actually managed to get the card right through a screen, and I guarantee you my face was like 😮 and all I wanted to do was scream, “How?” There’s also a second card trick, which was more of matching the cards. Basically, top row, face down, and we got Andrew to move those cards around. The bottom row were face up, so they didn’t move at all. When the top row cards were revealed, they all matched the bottom row card for card. It was mind-blowing. What else can I say?

Image Credit: Andrew Lee Magic

These aren’t the only things we got to do, but I’m not about to give the whole show away. A magician never reveals his secrets, and… I’m following that piece of advice right now. Experience Andrew’s show for yourself. Really.

Okay, So How Do I Book A Session?

Glad you asked. It’s quite simple. Andrew hosts these experiences on Airbnb, and you can book yourself a session here. You can join other guests, depending on availability, or book for a private group, which is great for friends/family, or even team-building. There’s more information there, especially regarding private booking, so just head on over to check it out. Available time slots are also stated clearly, so booking will be a breeze. For more information on Andrew and his magic, here are some helpful links:

Website: https://andrewleemagic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewleemagic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andrewleemagic/
Airbnb Experience: https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/2460200

Image Credit: Andrew Lee Magic

With that, we hope that you’ll be able to rediscover magic, and have your spirits lifted again. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew for putting on a spectacular show for us once more!