Malaysia’s Top 10 Magicians

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While many people have the hobby to perform magic tricks, only a niche few has the aspiration and desire to bring it to the highest level. Here, we are talking about illusions of seemingly impossible feats being performed by magicians on the stage. Also can be referred to by name such as mentalists or illusionists, performing magic at a professional level requires great deal of passion, confidence, creativity and honesty. Yes Honesty, because when a magician promises to deceive you, he does. Here are the Malaysia’s Top 10 Magicians you should keep an eye on, not because they know how to teleport (well some of they do), but they have what it takes to attain great achievements.

1) Andrew Lee


Andrew Lee is a modern day visual artist who started his career as a performer at a very young age. His shows incorporate 13 variations of magic, such as the Production & Vanishing, Levitation, Mentalism, Transposition and Substitution of objects, and more. Andrew has performed all across Asia and countries like India, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Qatar, and Australia. He also performs in Genting Highlands, Malaysia as their in-house magician. Andrew is involved in production work with his business partner, Mr. David Lai who works with other international magicians to produce shows across the globe. | FB: Andrewleest | IG: @andrewleemagic

2) David Lai


Voted as one of Prestige’s top 40 under 40, David is also a proud winner of the prestigious Merlin Award in 2012.  David studied and practiced his way through the art of mental bending, mind reading, hypnotic persuasions and telekinesis. Hours of practice in front of the mirror and at many places led then 15-year-old David to wander the streets of Kuala Lumpur, performing for anybody who could spare him a minute or so. Currently his production company, Tess Management, produces numerous local and international illusion shows across the world. | FB: David Lai the Mentalist | IG: @mindofdavid88

3) Anslem Roy


Clinching the prestigious International Merlin Award in 2001, Roy’s portfolio is impressive. He said that it has taken 30 years of “trickery” to be who he is now. Growing up in Kuala Lumpur in the 60s and 70s, magic grabbed his attention since he was a young boy. There were distractions along the way, including an advertising career that stretched for more than a decade, but he eventually went back to magic. This long-term interest and dedication has made Roy one of the country’s top magician and illusionist. Besides entertaining and designing illusions, Roy also does events management through his company, Events-FX. | FB: magicillusionanslemroy

4) Jonathan Lee

Jonathan’s personal style is close-up magic, an intimate, organic form of magic that engages the audience with their surroundings via the mundane routines of life. He uses everyday objects such as money, paper, string and cards to amaze his audience at close range. After graduated in Psychology, Jonathan’s stint in the US gave him first-hand experience of how his art can become relevant in society. By volunteering as a community centre counsellor, he realised interestingly, that magic speaks a universal language. He has his share of media coverage too, which includes live TV performances on 8tv’s Latte@8 and TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini. | FB: Jonleemagic | IG: @jonleesg

5) Chris Cheong


Christopher Cheong Kit Kei is an international mentalist and illusionist. He is credited to be one of Malaysia’s youngest professional mentalist and magician, specialising in the field of stage mentalism, and close-up magic. He began working on his magic skills at 8 years old, and at the age of 13, he started performing in events. To date, Cheong has made multiple appearances internationally. His first public TV appearance was at the Radio Television Malaysia and he was later signed as their TV host on the series Kids on 2 and Lava Kids. He has performed for over a million of audiences and made special appearances across 20 countries in Asia. | FB: ChrisCheong | IG: @_chrischeong

6) Jones Loy


Jones Loy is an award-winning magician specialising in close-up magic. In addition to his vast experience in performing at numerous large-scale local corporate events, he has also won several international awards. Other than close-up magic, Jones’ genre of magic encompasses to audience interactive magic. Jones’ character portrays a sleight of hand artist who specialises in close-range performance suited for an intimate crowd. Always a crowd pleaser, Jones is class act of his own and one of the rare gems in the local magic circuit.

FB: JonesMagic | IG: @jonesloyzai

7) JC Yeo


JC Yeo started practicing the art of magic since the age of 15 with the guidance from magicians all over the world. It was his passion and determination which made him become one of the promising magicians in Malaysia today. Being an amazing manipulator, JC eventually became the champion in Guangzhou at the International Magic Competition in 2011. His creativity and skillful technique has made him one of the few famous new generation magical entertainers in Asia. With the expertise and variety in his magic skills, JC’s performances are perfectly suitable for many different types of occasions. | FB: JCYeoMagician | IG: @jc_yeo

8) Sam Chia


As the founder of Doiing Magic Production & Entertainment, Sam Chia is an international multi-award winning magician with numerous awards. Working alongside in-house magicians such as JC Yeo and Icelone Goh, in his company Doiing Magic, they bring magic to a variety of events with the sole purpose of entertaining their audience.

FB: SamChiaDeMagician | IG: @samchia1987

9) Jeff Leong


At the age of 16, this award winning magician/bubble artist, Jeff Leong, first came across magic by chance and soon embarked on his magical journey. In the short time span of only a few years he has already established himself as a locally renowned magician. In 2009, Jeff won the International Stage Magic Competition in Singapore. Jeff has also been featured in many highly recognised TV programmes across Asia. Additionally, Jeff was the first magician to be officially invited to the royal palace to perform for the Sultan and the royal family. | FB: likejeffleong | IG: @jeff51074

10) Samuel Chong


Originally from Penang, Samuel Chong labelled himself as a comedy magician and pickpocket artist but he surely did not steal this 10th position. He deserves to make it to the Top 10 with his strength and ability to amaze a large crowd in each of his performances. According to a testimonial, “Personally I have seen his magic performance in various mega event around Penang Island and his performances always attract a large number of people. The best part is, everyone will end up with a big smile.”

FB: MagicSamuelChong

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