Online Websites to Buy Traditional Indian Clothing in Singapore and Malaysia

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Of recent, there have been many online scams, especially via Facebook. Many scammers claim to be selling gorgeous new sarees and jewellery only to be involved in never ending Whatsapp messages that run the gamut from a dead grandmother to a fatal accident, all to explain why a promised and paid product was never delivered. To my surprise, there were not many online websites available that actually sold traditional Indian clothing in Singapore and Malaysia, even though there are several Indians living in these two countries.

Let’s look at some online websites that deliver to Singapore and Malaysia and yet are credible, verified and trustworthy.

1) Andaaz Fashion Malaysia

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Andaaz fashion boasts more than 25,000 subscribers on its facebook site. It may be a little expensive for some of their clothing but they have a huge variety. There is definitely something for everyone on this website. Big and beautiful women can finally shop online in this website that offers a whole range of plus size Indian clothing. Give this shop a shot as it even comes with saree blouse tailoring services with various designs.

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At, their website is very interactive and attractive. Simply rolling over their website with a mouse fills your eyes with pretty Indian women in sarees of all sort of colours and shades. Photographed at different scenic outdoor spots and indoors in India and elsewhere, the pictures are a feast for the eyes. This website offers a wide selection of clothing.

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This simple website is great for all sorts of Indian wear. An added plus is free shipping within Singapore and delivery is usually within 2-3 days. Some of their saree designs are really beautiful and their salwars and lehengas are a gorgeous selection. They have a residential address where you can also make returns. Deliveries to Malaysia is also possible but may take between 1 to 3 weeks.

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This is a brainchild website of a few local Singaporeans who realised that there are people who live quite far away from the Little India of Singapore and decided to set up a website to cater to shopping and deliveries to this group of people. Today, this group has grown to include the sale of traditional Indian wear as well. A well trusted site that has been around for a few years already.