We Got Some hello ronron Dresses and They Completely Exceeded Our Expectations!

Girls being girls, we were excited at the prospect of trying on new clothes when we first spoke to hello ronron. We knew that we were going to be producing a review, but none of us were expecting to genuinely fall in love with the clothes from hello ronron. I mean, we showed up to a team dinner/meeting wearing their clothes, and all we could talk about was how comfy the clothes were, noting the little details on each other’s clothes, and saying, “It’s really nice,” whether referring to our own outfit or each other’s. Luckily for us, talking about clothes, specifically those from hello ronron, counts as work in this case! So let us introduce you to the dresses we got from hello ronron, and how they completely exceeded our expectations! 😍

The Girls on the TallyPress Team

Before we start, here’s a little background info (fashion-wise) on each of us and what we think of knitwear, since hello ronron’s clothes are knitwear.

We Wore the…

1) Angelique Dress in Taupe

  • Wearer: Poh Qin
  • Size: M
  • Purpose: Weekend brunch + work photoshoot ☀️
  • Duration worn: About 10 hours
  • First impressions: It came off as somewhat grey in photos, but the colour in real life is really pretty! It feels soft and my eye went to the detailing down the front of the dress immediately.

I was worried that it would be too tight because the cutting looked small, but it fit me perfectly: body-hugging but not tight. The length of this dress is suitable for both casual and formal events, and the v-neck design is great to accessorise with necklaces. Thanks to the slits at the bottom of the dress, I can walk freely without feeling like my legs are bound together, and its light colour shows off the cable knit braids down the front better. I’d wear this dress to any event I attend in the future, and on holiday as well!

❤️ Favourite aspects: The colour, length, and cable knit braids.
👀 Concern(s): Sweat stains around the underarms if you sweat a lot.
👍🏻 Would I recommend?: Yes! For all occasions and environments (indoors and outdoors), and it’s a very presentable outfit on its own!

2) Sylvie Dress in Black

  • Wearer: JC
  • Size: L
  • Purpose: A work event at a hotel, dinner at Pavilion, a bar
  • Duration worn: About 7 hours
  • First impressions: Thick and soft material, well-made in terms of seams, buttons, and finishing.

Since the material was thick and body-hugging, the dress felt heavy and warm. As an off-shoulder kind of dress, I was worried that it would be uncomfortable and the dress would slide off easily, but there were no problems at all. The material kept me warm (it was raining when I wore it) and it fit me so well I didn’t have to worry about tugging my dress up or any other mishaps. As I moved about from place to place in the dress, I felt comfortable throughout. Though form-fitting, it doesn’t cling too tightly so it was flattering in all the right places! 🥂

❤️ Favourite aspects: Its comfort!
👀 Concern(s): Can be slightly warm to wear in Malaysia, depending on where you’re going and if you feel hot easily.
👍🏻 Would I recommend?: Yes! It’s a great staple to have and you can wear it to formal events without compromising on comfort, or pair with sneakers for a more casual look.

3) Mila Dress in Evening

  • Wearer: Poh Qin
  • Size: M
  • Purpose: Team dinner/meeting at a cafe
  • Duration worn: About 8 hours
  • First impressions: The colour is amazing! It’s more interesting than I expected! I thought it would be a plain dark, reddish dress but I found hints of burgundy, maroon, and purple shot through the material as well, which creates a cool mix of textures and patterns. The material is very soft 🥰

For me, I think good knitwear is fitting but not tight, and the Mila dress was exactly this way. I was also slightly worried that it would be too short, but its length was just nice to show my legs off without restricting my movements. I love the top part of the dress: the underarm part is not too tight so it looks flattering, and the scoop neck perfectly shows off the neck and décolletage. The material felt like it would be quite warm, but I was pleasantly surprised that even when taking a walk in the park in the evening, I didn’t feel hot at all!

❤️ Favourite aspects: The patterns of the dress make me look taller, and I’m in love with the overall design.
👀 Concern(s): None.
👍🏻 Would I recommend?: Yes! It’s a timeless design (somehow reminds me of batik) and it’s comfortable to wear wherever you go.

4) Angelique Dress in Black

  • Wearer: Yiing Zhi
  • Size: S
  • Purpose: Weekend brunch & pop-up market with lots of walking around
  • Duration worn: About 7 hours
  • First impressions: It felt thick and warm, though I loved the cutting at the dress at once. I was also a little skeptical about how the cable knit braids would look like when I put it on, because I usually dislike patterns or textures.

IT’S SO COMFORTABLE ☁️ The material is durable but not overly warm; it hugs you but does not suffocate you, and it’s easy to move around in it. I love that the shoulder straps are wide so you don’t have to worry about what to wear underneath–a regular bra is good to go, and the slits at the sides allow for more freedom of movement. The top part fits just nice and the end result is a very neat, put-together look with a hint of detailing down the front and the slits which are both aesthetic and functional. I haven’t had a LBD for a long time, and I’m pleased to say I have this now, and I will be wearing it often.

❤️ Favourite aspects: The comfort, the wide straps, and the slits.
👀 Concern(s): Ironically, the slits, but only for a few seconds because I’m not used to wearing anything with slits.
👍🏻 Would I recommend?: Hell yes. As a sleeveless dress, you don’t have to worry about feeling warm. Also, black makes everyone look good.

5) Sylvie Dress in Cream

  • Wearer: Yiing Zhi
  • Size: S
  • Purpose: Team dinner/meeting at a cafe
  • Duration worn: About 5 hours
  • First impressions: It felt soft but heavy, and I felt excited but nervous because this is something I would never usually get. I don’t like long sleeves and buttons in general, and I also literally have nothing of this colour in my wardrobe. This is my get-out-of-my-comfort-zone dress ✨

By now, I think you should have realised that the clothes from hello ronron are super comfortable, and this is no exception. Despite it being long-sleeved, I didn’t feel too warm, but it’s also worth noting that I’m a person who gets cold easily. I was very self-conscious about the front slit but everyone else told me that it was fine, and I looked nice in it (thanks guys!). I also chose to wear it on the shoulder instead of off, so one more point for versatility! There are more slits at the cuffs, and those I absolutely loved because my hands just felt freer. It’s a cute yet mindful detail!

❤️ Favourite aspects: The slits on the cuffs.
👀 Concern(s): The front slit, and I also feel like I personally am not a fan of the belt/ribbon, because there’s a nice cinched-in waist on the dress itself anyway.
👍🏻 Would I recommend?: I prefer the Angelique dress, but I’d still recommend it because it’s versatile and I fell in love with the colour somewhere along the line. Paired with the right accessories, it’s an effortlessly classy look. Also, it’s cosy.

Some General Comments & Getting Your Own hello ronron ‘fits

Poh Qin: I have tons of knit sweaters that I usually wear, but after wearing hello ronron, I have more confidence wearing fitting knitwear in different styles. I’m having trouble trying to pick a favourite dress though–what would you pick?

JC: Wearing hello ronron has definitely improved my opinion of knitwear, and it’s evident how much “quality” plays a part in clothing. High-quality knitwear is longer-lasting and makes for a good fashion choice thanks to its versatility and comfort. Oh, and though I got the clothes in L, I think M would have been a good fit for me too, so just something to keep in mind when checking out the measurements!

Yiing Zhi: Okay, hello ronron. You convinced me. Knitwear ain’t that bad. I’m actually thinking about getting the Mila Dress in Evening for Chinese New Year now. Also, for all the lazy people out there, these clothes require no ironing. I wasn’t kidding when I told you I’m a lazy dresser: I only get clothes that I don’t have to iron.

Overall, we feel that the hello ronron dresses are high-quality and really flattering, and we honestly cannot recommend them enough!

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And thank you hello ronron for sharing your amazing creations with us! 😌