Creating A Lookbook With These 5 hello ronron Items

As you might know, the team at TallyPress were given the opportunity to wear hello ronron outfits recently. (Spoiler alert: We absolutely loved them!) You can learn more about our experience and why we love them so much here

We have more hello ronron items to share with you, and our team is excited to show you a hello ronron lookbook we’ve created. We’re not fashion experts, but we had so much fun! Above all, we are just regular gals using the clothes we have in our wardrobes to create these looks. Each item is so versatile and timeless that they can be mixed and matched with each other and with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe! With these hello ronron pieces in your repertoire, you won’t be saying, “I have nothing to wear!” anymore. 🥰

Without further ado, here are some of the ways you can dress up or dress down the following hello ronron pieces:

1. Angelique Dress Black

Casual: Anything in black is a great staple to have in your wardrobe but it is even better when it is the Angelique dress in black. To dress it down, consider pairing it with a jeans jacket, ankle boots and a pair of sunnies for that I’m-off-to-brunch look. So easy to put together and so effortlessly chic!

Formal: We loved this combination the moment we put it together! It’s cute, it’s preppy, it’s giving off that Korean girl vibe, know what I mean? Add on some pearl earrings and a pair of nude pumps and you’ve got a look that you can wear to the office or to any formal events without sacrificing comfort or style.

2. Angelique Dress Taupe

Casual: If you are looking to build a capsule wardrobe, neutral and earth tones are great additions because they are easy colors to work with in an outfit. That being said, the Angelique dress in Taupe would fit right in! The color might be subtle but the details such as the cable knit braids and the slit at the bottom of the dress makes it classy enough to wear on its own. Accessorize with a pair of chunky earrings, white kitten heels and a simple messenger bag – or you can go for a statement bag to make it the centerpiece of your outfit – that’s how versatile this dress is!

Formal: Grab your canvas tote, add on a black cardigan and pair it with leather pumps or mules (for a more trendy look) and you are easily the most fashionable person in your office. Tip (not pictured): go for a lady boss vibe instead by pairing the dress with an elegant blazer, some statement jewelry and killer heels!

3. Hera Skirt Evening

Casual: If you have never considered bringing knitwear to your vacations, you might want to give it another thought with the Hera Skirt in Evening. There are so many good things to say about this skirt – it is comfortable, easy to put on (no need to iron!), flattering on your figure and the patterns and colors elevate it from being a simple midi skirt. There are subtle shades of blue and yellow interwoven on the skirt, hence the look that we came up with. Now instead of the living room, imagine the outfit against a sunset on the beach. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Formal: Perfect for those rainy days where you know your office is going to be exceptionally cold or if where you work just has very strong air-conditioning, the skirt can be dressed up with another knit top to keep you warm and cozy. Coincidentally, our writer, JC, had this beautiful red knit sweater that she thrifted that matched perfectly with the dress. You can also consider having your hair up and pairing the outfit with simple jewelry for an understated look.

4. Lynn Top Rose

Casual: This is the easiest and honestly, most common go-to outfit to put on for any casual outings. Here, we have paired the Lynn Top Rose with boyfriend jeans and white sneakers to complete the look. What we really liked about the top is the design and material – the double-layer square neckline and sleeves differentiate it from other basic knit tops. It’s also very flattering on any body shape. For a knit top, it’s very light and sheer making it comfortable to wear in our hot and humid weather.

Formal: The Lynn Rose Top can easily be worn with any office skirts or pants. All you have to do is add on a blazer if you are heading for a meeting or an event. For our lookbook, one of our writers, Yiing Zhi, had this pretty tweed skirt that we paired with the top. Add on a pair of black heels and a bag that matches the skirt to pull the look together and you’ve got a youthful and fun outfit to wear to work.

5. Rosa Top Rose

Casual: Evidently, all of us really liked the Rose color that hello ronron curated because here is the Rosa Top in Rose. (FYI the Rosa Top also comes in latte, lavender and black.) Another wonderful staple to have in your wardrobe, this halter-style knit top with a ribbed bodice can be worn from morning to night effortlessly. Here, we have paired it with high-waisted shorts, hoop earrings and any bag that you’re using for a casual let’s-have-some-tea-at-a-pretty-cafe look. You can complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers or cute sandals – both are excellent choices.

Formal: For a more formal look, we wore the Rosa Top with a pair of high-waisted slacks with a zip detail. Gold accessories, a leather watch and a classic black satchel bag completed the look. Although it’s a simple and quick outfit that you can put together in the morning without any fuss, the halter-style of the top gives off the feeling that you put in some effort. 😉

We had a blast creating this lookbook with all the gorgeous hello ronron pieces – these aren’t all the combinations, of course! We will be wearing these hello ronron clothes over and over again and continue to experiment with them to create different looks. 

Before ending this article, here are some FAQs (and some inside tips) on how to find your size, care for the items, etc. 

1. Fit

Currently, hello ronron has two fit styles for their products – on-body fit and slim fit (relaxed and oversized fit coming soon!). For example, the Angelique dresses have on-body fits which means they are more figure hugging and would fit closer to your body. Compared to the Sylvie dress which we reviewed in another article, that would be a slim fit (it’s also hello ronron’s signature fit) which is not as body hugging although it can still show off your curves. 😏

2. Size

For the sizing, hello ronron has provided a very comprehensive guide to help you decide on the right size. You can find the guide here. Based on our experiences with their clothes, we were all generally satisfied with the sizes that we were wearing. Personally, I would have gone with M for some of the items (i.e. Hera Skirt Evening) but that’s because of my body figure. The skirt ended up being a bit loose around my waist although the rest of it fit well.

Additional things to note are:

  1. The product measurements on the website are measured by placing the garment flat on a surface. So, the product measurements x 2 = whole garment circumference (e.g. if it says waist 30cm, the clothing circumference would be 60cm). 
  2. If you are in between sizes, the easiest way to determine what size you are is via the waist measurement. As long as the waist area fits, the rest will hug the body smoothly.
  3. As all of hello ronron products are designed with good stretch (Elastane & Spandex), the knit fabric can stretch up to 10cm from the product measurements! When you’re in between sizes, you can think of it as “how curve-hugging do I like the clothes to contour to my body.” This will help you decide which size to get.

3. Care

One of the major concerns (for me anyway) about knitwear is how to care for them. I love that you don’t have to iron them but washing them is another matter. Thankfully, a care guide is provided on hello ronron’s website as well as in the packaging box when you receive your items. I have tried washing the Lynn top and I am happy to announce that I did not destroy it. I washed mine in the washing machine by placing it in a laundry bag and setting the temperature and spin cycle to as low as they can get. The top did shrink a little but that’s normal. Just make sure you dry it by putting it on a flat surface and out of the sunlight. And of course, do not hang your knitwear as that would stretch the material.

That’s it from us! We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our experiences with hello ronron and we certainly hope that you would fall in love with their items as much as we did. 

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