Malaysia’s Top 10 Doodle Artists

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Doodle is a scribble or sketch made on paper often while thinking about something else. It can be any random topics happen to be flowing through the artists’ head and it can be a kind of abstracts, cartoons, invented fictional beings, patterns or landscapes. Though doodle is defined as simple drawing, these 10 doodle artists from Malaysia elevated doodling to a whole new level. Check them out.

1) Marty Woods


Marty Woods is a bold statement that doodling is not an underrated art form. If you think doodling is too casual, check out Marty Woods’ artwork. Drawn mainly in black and white, Marty Woods has good taste in details, elements, and depth. Usually revolves around nature and animals, you would not believe Marty Woods is a self-taught doodler. | FB: martywoodskk | IG: @martywoodskk

2) Siennylovesdrawing


Siennylovesdrawing uphold the meaning of doodling as she would usually draw as anything that comes through her mind. In contrast to Marty Woods’ sophistication, Siennylovesdrawing prefers simplicity. Siennylovesdrawing has always enjoyed hand doodling with art line pens & markers since young and according to her it is passion that drives her forward. |  FB: siennylovesdrawing | IG: @siennylovesdrawing

3) Mimi Mashud


If we were to describe Mimi Mashud’s creations, it would be casual yet delicate. She could also be the jack of all arts on this list. Besides doodling, Mimi Mashud is also a graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist. From her feeds, she obviously possesses good observation of things around her and has astounding ability of recreating objects she sees with quick sketches. | IG: @mimsmash

4) Rizal (Rizal Paperbaghead)


You will see a lot of awesomeness while browsing through Rizal’s Instagram feeds. Like a window to eye-popping artwork, Rizal’s profile showcases his illustration skills that are driven by pure creativity and imagination. Rizal is also an all-rounder who can switch from drawing something cool to something cute at any time.

FB: theartofrizal | IG: @rizal_paperbaghead

5) Zami Musa (Zamzammee)


What’s interesting about Zami’s doodle art is that it is fun and witty. Described himself as an independent artist who loves to doodle, Zami never fails to convey positivity and happiness in his creations. You’ll learn to smile after you follow Zami Musa’s social profiles that are filled with inspiring clean lines of patterns.

FB: doodlesbyzamzammee | IG: @zamzammee

6) Ruby Subramaniam


Ruby is a self-taught artist who stumbled upon doodling through experimentation. Besides just being part of her self-expression, Ruby discovered the fun of drawing in pen to be an incredible liberation of the mind. Do not be surprise if you find bizarre ironic combination of elements in her artwork as that’s how Ruby translates essence of her thoughts and emotions into lines. | FB:

7) Charis Ng (Charis Doodling)


Charis Doodling features the work of its founder Charis Ng. Charis has many many years of experience in the field of creative design. And this experience is evident in her work. Her doodles are not just about looking pretty, they aim to tell a story, get a message across and to brighten up people’s day. Her colourful and cute doodles are sure to leave both adults and children wanting! If you’re having a bad day, do yourself a favour and check her doodles out! | FB: charisdoodling | IG: @charisngtheng

8) Kendrick (KendyLife)


Kendrick, a Sino-Kadazan from Sabah, Borneo is also known as “Kendykun” in his doodles and comic blog. The self-taught doodler and comic artist started his interest since the age of 5. Since young, he loves to walk with a sketching pen inside his bag and everywhere he goes, he doodles. Kendrick certainly has the ability to enchant people with charisma in his drawing. | FB: house88kend | IG: @kendylife88

9) Dayang Deno


Dayang Deno lives out her passion by being a full time doodler. What is unique about her doodles is that they are usually drawn only with black colour. Despite so, her drawings are still very vibrant. This is due to the patterns and floral that are incorporated in her drawings. Taking conventional objects and putting them through a floral spin cycle is what make her drawing both interesting and fun.

FB: dayangdenoart | IG: @dayangdeno

10) Sanuri Zulkefli


Sanuri’s Instagram feed is a strong testament of artworks that embodies great designs as he perfectly executes every creative piece of artwork by harmonizing his illustration skills with the style of doodling. Whether it’s quick sketches or full rendered art, the black-and-white illustrations displayed on his Instagram showcased an intriguing light with animated style. | IG: @sanuri_z

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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