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Personal grooming is important not just for a good first impression, but it can also help you feel good. Common aspects of personal grooming include skincare, fashion choices, sometimes nails, and of course, hair. The face and the hair probably make the strongest impressions, and they’re also what we ourselves are drawn to the most whenever we look into the mirror. Whether you’re in dire need of a total makeover, treatments, or even just a quick haircut, head over to A Cut Above, where they ensure that you will look a cut above the rest indeed!

About A Cut Above

A Cut Above was founded with 1979 by Winnie Loo, who is currently the Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above Group of Salons and Academy. Back then, A Cut Above had just a humble team of 7 operating at a salon of 428 square feet. Winnie herself received training in London in the mid-1970s at prodigious schools no less, including Morris Masterclass, Vidal Sassoon, Alan International, and L’Oréal Academy. Prior to setting up A Cut Above, she also has experience working in salons in both London and Singapore.

Image Credit: A Cut Above

Dreams Of Being A Cut Above

When Winnie returned from London, she was working in a local salon, where she met a client who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Said client became Winnie’s partner, but it was a short partnership due to the client’s personal commitments. Fortunately, Winnie’s husband (then-boyfriend) took over the client’s shares, and they embarked on their business journey together. The rest, as they say, is history. Choosing the name A Cut Above signified their dedicate to constantly be pushing themselves to be on top, incidentally Winnie’s motivation since she was young. Personally, she has always been a dream chaser, and she believed that her goals in working in the industry would be recognised as a professional career. After four decades, A Cut Above has stayed true to their name.

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Now A One-Stop Centre For Your Beauty Needs

Though starting off as a hair salon, A Cut Above has now morphed into a beauty salon, offering not just hairstyling services, but also mani-pedis, reflexology, and makeup services as well. Unsurprisingly, they excel at hair care, and you’ll be spoilt for choice on hair care products, both for in-salon treatments as well as retail products. The creative team at A Cut Above has been involved in many outstanding projects: being the official hair sponsor for Asia’s Next Top Model, regularly performing at the Asia Hairdressers Festival, and being the official hair sponsor for Stylo International. Besides that, they have also done plenty of shows both locally and internationally. At its core, A Cut Above is made up of a strong team, and they stay competitive to accept bigger projects, and to support hairstylists achieve and pursue their dreams.

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A Cut Above For The Next Generation, Too

During the early days, A Cut Above focused more on socialites and the upper market, as there was a void to be filled then. Now, the group has grown to cover the mid market, as well as the quick cuts service, believing in providing quality service to all irrespective of pricing. Over the years, A Cut Above has become a multi-award-winning company, and has also groomed many stylists who are local and global award winners too. Perhaps the biggest achievement for Winnie is being the Ernest and Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010! A Cut Above is looking to celebrate their 45th anniversary once the pandemic is over, and Winnie is also passing the reins to her son in the near future, who will take over her role as the next generation in business, continuing to be A Cut Above the Rest.

Image Credit: A Cut Above

“Never procrastinate and always be ready to take the first step and stay innovative.” Winnie Loo, A Cut Above

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