7 Journals To Get For Yourself To Get Your Creative Juice Flowing

Since we’re all stuck at home for a while now, why not start journaling if you haven’t already? Journaling is said to improve your moods and can help you prioritize your problems, fears as well as concerns. Writing down how you feel on a daily basis can reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for a journal for yourself or even for a loved one, we have listed 7 Malaysian-made journals to get your creative juice flowing!


Mossery is known for their journals being full of colours and designs. You can choose from a wide array of choices. Besides that, they also do personalization which is awesome as a lot of people love personalized journals! Other than journals, they also have other stationery such as stickers, sticky notes as well as art and writing tools. Get creative with Mossery!

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If you love journal covers, you can get hand sewn journal covers from B’Nottee. From notebooks to covers, inserts and other accessories, they are mostly hand-dyed, silk screened and sewn using eco-friendly raw material sourced mainly from China, Italy and USA since 2015.

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Pebble Paper Design

Founder Rachel loves working with floral designs and her best known design style are whimsical illustrations. Love everything floral? Now you can get colourful and pretty looking journals from Pebble Paper Design. They’re so pretty, you’d want to collect them all! They also come in 3 different sizes – medium, slim and pocket. Whether you prefer lined or blank notebooks, they have it all!

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Through Me Journal

Founded by Kriska, Through Me Journal is a self-love and mindfulness journal. According to Kriska, it was inspired by the lessons and gifts of an awakening year which was of course the year 2020. This journal was basically created to help women embrace their power through self-love. Practise self-reflection through this journal and you will see a difference in your life!

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ana tomy

ana tomy was founded in 2016, where notebooks and stationeries can be customised and personalized to your exact preference and specification. Whether you’re looking for a notebook, a planner, a card case, or stationery; you name it, ana tomy has it all! Behind that minimal appearance of their notebooks, you can be rest assured that you’ll be enjoying the comfort of writing through the material itself.

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Summorie has notebooks of different sizes including pocket size. They also have simple designs as well as cute designs to choose from. Whether you prefer plain, dotted or lined pages, take your pick and they’ll make it happen for you! Apart from that, you also get to choose if you want a hardback or softback cover. Also, there’s nothing more special than having your name written on the cover of your notebook!

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Whether you’re new to journaling or you’re a pro, why not up your game with cute materials you can use for your journal journey? PapergeekCo has everything you need from colourful journals, stationery, and pretty stickers as well as tapes to make your journal look a little extra!

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