6 Fun Things You Can Do in Kuala Kubu Bharu

6 Fun Things You Can Do in Kuala Kubu Bharu
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Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time off to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle? One that only requires around an hour’s drive if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur. The place in question? Kuala Kubu Bharu. Located just 60 km north of Kuala Lumpur, this Hulu Selangor District town is a popular tourist destination worth visiting. Paragliding, whitewater rafting, hiking, you name it… here are the 6 fun things you can do in Kuala Kubu Bharu.

1) Have Fun Flying @ KKB Paragliding Park

Ever tried tandem paragliding before? Well, here’s your chance to do so as long as you are not afraid of heights. A certified paraglider/instructor will take off with you from the mountain peak at approximately 1,400 feet above sea level and from there, you get to enjoy around 5-10 minutes of flight, depending on the weather conditions.

Don’t worry, though since the paraglider will take care of everything and that includes your safety. In other words, all you have to do is just relax and enjoy the flight while basking in the picturesque scenery. And here’s the good news: You will be provided with a GoPro camera, allowing you to record your flight. The video will be transferred to your smartphone once you have landed.

Find out more about KKB Paragliding Park right here.

Have Fun Flying @ KKB Paragliding Park
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2) Experience Whitewater Rafting @ Selangor River

Skills, teamwork, eye-hand coordination — all of these certainly put you and your friends to the real test of endurance upon engaging in a whitewater rafting experience. Imagine the thrills of navigating the choppy waters and that’s part of the fun going through Selangor River. You can try booking a whitewater rafting trip via PieRose Swiftwater, which includes experienced guides as well. Do keep in mind they require a minimum of 5 pax for this trip package.

Check out PieRose Swiftwater for the Selangor River whitewater rafting trip right here.

Experience Whitewater Rafting @ Selangor River
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3) Test Your Hiking Skills @ Bukit Kutu

Kuala Kubu Bharu has a few hiking spots worth exploring and one of them has to be Bukit Kutu. This mountain is 1,050 metres high and reaching the peak requires an average time of 3-4 hours, depending on your speed and stamina. It certainly no walk in the park but you will be rewarded with a breathtaking scenery of the surrounding forest and mountains once you reach the summit. A friendly reminder, though: Hiking Bukit Kutu requires a permit from Pejabat Hutan Daerah Hulu Selangor. It is also best to apply early in advance to avoid disappointment since they only have a limited quota of 100 pax per day.

Test Your Hiking Skills @ Bukit Kutu
Image Credit: Selvakumar Appavu

4) Relax and Refresh Yourself @ Lata Medang Waterfall

Among the waterfalls in Kuala Kubu Bharu worth visiting is Lata Medang Waterfall, which requires around 2-3 hours hike from the entrance at Tapak Berkelah Sungai Pertak. You need to cross the suspension bridge before going through the cascades, namely Lata Jebus and Lubuk Mecu along the way. Best to go there early in the day well-equipped with proper hiking gear. According to the Google review, you need to apply permit in advance via Pejabat Hutan Daerah Hulu Selangor by calling them at 03-6091 7533. Additionally, there will be Orang Asli collecting RM1 per person for an entrance fee.

Lata Medang Waterfall
Image Credit: Joy Hon

5) Pitch a Tent @ Ampang Pecah

Planning for a camping trip? Kuala Kubu Bharu is your answer or more specifically, Ampang Pecah, which turns out one of the popular camping sites for many local tourists. Remember to bring your own food and keep in mind there are no public toilets available. Ampang Pecah is blessed with picturesque scenery and of course, the soothing sound of waterfalls. Even if you are not here for camping, you will find plenty of visitors coming here for a picnic.

Pitch a Tent @ Ampang Pecah
Image Credit: Jeremy Chong

6) Soaking In a Hot Spring @ Kolam Air Panas Kuala Kubu Bharu

Living in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur tends to be hectic and stressful. Why not spend a weekend getaway driving to this once-little-known hot spring located at Taman Arif Utama, Kuala Kubu Bharu? Here’s the good news: it’s free so everyone can enjoy a good soak to relieve all those stress levels and improve blood circulation too. The Kolam Air Panas Kuala Kubu Bharu opens day and night. You can locate this attraction at 110, Jalan Arif 6, Taman Arif Utama.

Soaking In a Hot Spring @ Kolam Air Panas Kuala Kubu Bharu
Image Credit: Jean W