Fuss-free and Minimalist, Jerry Coworking Space Sets Itself Apart as the Future of Coworking

The concept of a “coworking space” may seem like a fairly modern one, but its history actually dates back to 1995 with the establishment of C-Base in Berlin, Germany. C-Base was a hackerspace, a community-oriented physical location where people with common interests could meet and collaborate. This is regarded as one of the primitive models of the coworking spaces we know today, though it wasn’t until 2005 that the first “official” coworking space opened in San Francisco. Since then, coworking spaces have gained popularity and evolved in myriad ways to adapt to the needs of current workers and businesspeople, and a shift is happening once more with Jerry Coworking Space, where we got to experience it for ourselves.

Fuss-free & Minimalist

Plenty of coworking spaces boast various facilities and amenities ranging from stylish, luxurious interior design to a team of support staff, in-house cafes to photography studios, and even nursing rooms to kids’ playrooms to cater to working parents. You won’t find all that at Jerry Coworking Space, though. Jerry Coworking Space eliminates everything that you absolutely do not need at a work space, which results in a clean, minimalist space with zen vibes. No frills, just a quiet, conducive space for you to get your work done.

What We Thought:The interior and environment for both outlets are quiet and minimalist, though we felt that the SS15 outlet had a more professional vibe with a more spacious common area, while the TTDI outlet was cosier.

Fully Automated

At Jerry Coworking Space, you’ll find that you can do everything by yourself from booking a spot to entering your office. Jerry Coworking Space is Malaysia’s first fully digital coworking space provider, and they have done away with on-site staff as all processes are automated. All you have to do is select your preferred location, date, and plan on Jerry’s website and make an online payment. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive an email complete with information, WiFi password, and a code to access the premises and your own office.

What We Thought: The confirmation email is like a Jerry starter pack, so as long as you have it, you’ll have the necessary info to access the space easily without needing to interact with anyone.

Security & Privacy

The doors at Jerry Coworking Spaces are secured with a digital lock, accessible with the aforementioned code, which is unique to your office. These digital locks are great for ensuring privacy whether you’re working alone or with your team, but more importantly, they’re also an excellent security measure. Since no one else has access to your office, you can safely leave your belongings in the office whether you nip out to the washroom, or enjoy a long lunch. The main entrance also uses this code system, so only those who are working at Jerry Coworking Space can get in.

What We Thought: It’s a great idea as it guarantees privacy and an added layer of security! Whether you’re working alone or in a team, your belongings will be secure in the office.

All Offices are Private with Unlimited WiFi Access

Even if you’re there just for the day, and even if you’re working alone. Most coworking spaces do not provide this option for day passes, but Jerry Coworking Space does. You won’t find any hot desks or shared desks there, so whether you’re going solo, working in a pair or a team of four, you can choose from the different office sizes Jerry Coworking Space provides. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited WiFi, so you don’t have to worry about your connection getting cut off, or slow Internet speed. If you need to stretch your legs a little, don’t worry. Jerry Coworking Space does have a common area/lounge and a pantry, so you can always pop by these places to take a breather.

What We Thought: We enjoyed having our own private office, and there were no issues with the WiFi as promised so you can get to enjoy the speedy WiFi there!

Flexible, Affordable Private Office Plans

If you were starting to wonder if “private” is an euphemism for “expensive”, it’s not. Jerry Coworking Space has a few different plans you can choose from, including the 1-Day Plan, the Unlimited Plan and the Prepaid Plan.

1-Day Plan

The 1-day plan is also known as a private office day pass, and prices start from RM30/person. Office sizes range from 1, 2, or 4 persons, and office access is only available on Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. There’s no commitment required, nor is there a contract. If something crops up unexpectedly, you can also reschedule at no extra charge.

Unlimited Plan

Otherwise known as the monthly plan, there’s a minimum booking of one month for this plan. Starting from RM299/month, you can enjoy 24/7 office access, while office sizes are catered for 1-4 persons. With the monthly plan, you’ll be billed monthly, though you have the option to terminate easily within 24 hours.

Prepaid Plan

Perfect for those who need an office space but don’t need it too frequently, the Prepaid Plan is flexible, allowing you to choose any six dates within the same month with a rate of RM25/day (RM150 for six days). As with the day passes, choosing this plan entitles you to office access on weekdays from 9am to 6pm. The Prepaid Plan is a limited time promotion, so do sign up before it’s over!

Convenient Locations

Jerry Coworking Space has two outlets, one in SS15 and another in TTDI. The SS15 outlet is located at First Subang/SS15 Courtyard, where they occupy the 10th floor. There’s ample parking around the area, or you can also choose to park within Courtyard itself. It’s also easily accessible via public transport, as the SS15 LRT station is just opposite the building.

The TTDI outlet occupies two floors of a shop lot near the Pasar Besar TTDI, also within walking distance of the TTDI MRT station. As both outlets are in central locations, there’s plenty of food choices, so you won’t have to worry about going hungry!

What We Thought:Food options at both SS15 and TTDI areas are plentiful. However, we prefer the SS15 outlet more than the TTDI outlet because parking was more readily available.

There hasn’t been a coworking space like Jerry Coworking Space before, where they emphasise on automation and the essentials. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that we can do a lot, even with very little. Simplified yet comfortable, Jerry Coworking Space is the future of coworking: go experience it for yourself!

All images courtesy of Jerry Coworking Space.