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As an online media dedicated to Discovering Local Trends, we offer various services to help local businesses and brands get known. If you are looking for a platform to introduce or showcase your business, brand, product and/or event, check out what you can do with us! If you are simply looking for someone to prepare promotional material for you, read on to find out what we can do for you too!

With Us

Feature Write-Up

Straight to the point, a feature write-up is an article of about 500 words introducing your business/brand. In the article, we will include up to 5 images of your choice, as well as links to your website and/or social media. For a no-nonsense approach, a feature write-up is perfect!

Content Marketing (Advertorials)

It’s writing with a twist! Depending on the topic, an advertorial is a write-up of 500-800 words with an original, creative angle. Instead of adopting a straightforward approach, we decorate an advertorial with an engaging, interesting title and content, drawing in a wider spectrum of audience.

Reviews (Products & Services)

We try, we write, you gain brand awareness! Whether it’s a product or service that you’d like us to try out and then write a review about it, get in touch with us and we will work out an arrangement!


Is ten a small number? It certainly seems so with so many brands and businesses out there. Our Top 10 lists are voted for by the public, but we also offer an exclusive Special Recommendation spot for each list, so that you can get a chance to be featured on the Top 10 list as well!

Social Media Posting

Need a hand with social media presence? Let us help with that! With a current 27k+ following on our Facebook page, your content will be projected to that many people at once, or even more with social media boosting. Just drop us a line regarding your post ideas!


Whether you require a social media video or corporate video, we could do it for you, inclusive of scripting, storyboarding and an on-site shoot. We also offer extras such as talents, voiceovers and articles – share your video ideas with us now!

For You


Finding yourself in a rut not being able to come up with the correct ideas and material? From website content to basic social media content among others, we’d be happy to help you curate content suited to your brand!

Blog Management

Unless you have an in-house writer or someone specifically tasked to run writings and content, the blog section on a website may prove to be difficult to maintain. What if we helped you with that? With some information and ideas from you, we write, you post – it’s as simple as that!

Have other ideas in mind, or feeling excited to find out more about our services? Drop us a line at tallypress@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!