SRSLY Photobooth Takes Photobooths Seriously

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There is something captivating about photobooths that garner attraction from guests. Perhaps it is for the simple reason that it injects a little bit of fun and spontaneity into usually formal events. Additionally, the mementos from the photobooths are often precious memories of a particular event or occasion. However, to ensure that your photobooth is a success, be sure to engage a team with the right skills and technology. SRSLY Photobooth is here to cater to your needs and bring fun to your party!

About SRSLY Photobooth

SRSLY Photobooth is a team of Professional Photographers from the Singapore Wedding industry. They share a SRSLY awesome passion for photobooths and absolutely love it because of the joy & laughter it brings to everyone! They have been bringing laughter (and stomach cramps) to wedding events since January 2017. Prior to that, the founders have 8 years of experience with the wedding photobooth industry in Singapore prior.

Image credit: SRSLY Photobooth

SRSLY Awesome Services

They provide professional services featuring unlimited high quality and fast waterproof prints on-site, coupled with studio quality lighting and equipment. Most of all, a very energetic and passionate photobooth ambassador crew to make the photobooth experience friendly and personal. Additionally, they have customisable props, backdrops, photoborder overlays and a wide variety of items/accessories in their inventory to keep each guest entertained with an abundance of resources! On top of this, we also feature Live/Instant Projection Slideshow of images captured at each event venue, as well as Live/Instant Uploads to Social Media for each couple/client.

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Blessing One Couple At A Time

They are listed & featured by Singapore Brides in September 2017 & Her World Brides Singapore in January 2018 as one of the top photobooths in Singapore. While this was accomplished before becoming a year old, it would not have been possible without the support of beloved couples and the dedication from their crew and friends! Ultimately, they want SRSLY Photobooth to  be a blessing onto couples. They believe in bestowing every couple with the most personalised, fun and joyful photobooth service possible at every wedding. They want SRSLY Photobooth to be more than a photobooth, but also a SRSLY awesome experience!

Image credit: SRSLY Photobooth

“We genuinely believe that we are blessed, to be a blessing. This business to us isn’t about being the best or the top out there for accolades. Ultimately, What we do at SRSLY Photobooth is bred and born of us.

a couple who can relate to other couples, because we’re on the same journey too. Hence, we want your wedding to be as special, (if not even more) as our own wedding!”

– SRSLY Photobooth

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