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You would have seen the hype and increasing popularity of yoga, and why it’s great for your body and mind. I personally have met many yoga-converts who once swore that they will never join yoga because it is deemed too “slow” or too “boring” but now are 100% yoga enthusiasts. While the scientific research on yoga’s health benefits is still young, this mind-body practice is frequently touted for its ability to reduce stress and boost well-being, but it also offers wide-ranging physical health benefits that rival other forms of exercise. If you are unsure where to start, why not give Yoga Inc. at Singapore a shot?

About Yoga Inc.

Yoga Inc. is founded by Ashly Lou in 2013 and is a boutique yoga studio that offers a variety of hot and non-hot yoga classes. They have different types of yoga classes, and hold workshops teaching backbends, arm balancing etc occasionally. They also provide Yoga teacher training twice a year and are an internationally registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Inc. also sells Yoga related merchandises online and in store. Classes currently offered at Yoga Inc. include:

  • Hot Classic
  • Basics
  • Hatha
  • Yin
  • Restorative
  • Warm Stretch
  • Core
  • Flow
  • Prenatal
  • Hatha 2

You may click on the website at the end of this article for more details on various types of classes offered at Yoga Inc.

Image credit: Yoga Inc.
Image credit: Yoga Inc.

The Birth of Yoga Inc.

In 2013, Ashly had practised hot yoga for 2 years and was tired of her job as a private jet flight attendant. She decided to teach yoga part time while taking up occasional flying assignments. She got certified and in just 3 months into her new career as a yoga instructor, she stumbled upon an AWESOME space suitable as a yoga studio that is too good to be missed, and Yoga Inc was born (on an impulse!).

“Our first studio at Guillemard road is really unique. It is conveniently located near public transport yet tucked in a quiet and peaceful corner of the old Singapore badminton hall. The studio rooms have big windows that allow natural ventilation, and we have greeneries right outside, where you can hear birds chirping and leaves rustling.”, Ashly shares with TallyPress.

Image credit: Yoga Inc.
Image credit: Yoga Inc.

Why Yoga Inc.?

All their studios are non-air-conditioned, however, it is not to save money. In fact, it costs more to set up the ventilation system at their new outlets which does not have nice big windows like Guillemard. Honestly, Ashley thinks it is better to practice yoga without aircon. Yoga Inc. makes sure there is comfortable space for everyone. They try not to max out their rooms by squeezing everyone in like sardines.

They have good full facilities (showers, mats, towels, water dispenser, lockers etc) so it’s really convenient for members. There is no hard selling of packages and prices are transparent. Best of all, there is no long term commitment and hidden charges.

Image credit: Yoga Inc.
Image credit: Yoga Inc.

Expanding Their Business With Each Stretch

Being a new kid on the block, they were recognised by the industry pretty quickly and is often listed as the top few Yoga Studio in Singapore, alongside other more established studios. Their first studio at Guillmard is doing well enough for them to open 2 more outlets at Tiong Bahru and Punggol, and a 4th one in Tampines coming in November. It is a massive achievement as Ashly currently still have no partners and is doing everything on her own. However, her gut feeling says Yoga Inc. will stop at 4 outlets, otherwise, it will be too much for her to handle.

Image credit: Yoga Inc.
Image credit: Yoga Inc.

Every expert started as a beginner.

— Yoga Inc.

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