UROKO Is Where To Go For A Unique, Authentic Japanese Dining Experience!

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There’s plenty to love about Japanese cuisine, ranging from fresh cuts of sushi or sashimi, hearty rice meals, or comforting ramen. And in Malaysia, there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants, seeing as there are plenty of establishments nationwide. However, if you’re looking for a unique, authentic Japanese dining experience featuring the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, then there’s only one place to go: UROKO.


Launched in 2015, UROKO is a homegrown F&B establishment, offering a unique and authentic Japanese experience with specialty dishes crafted with the best, freshest ingredients. UROKO’s start-up story is also quite a heartwarming one: it was founded by a group of close friends who often travelled to Japan together. Inspired by the pride locals took in their food and culture, as well as the sense of community that arose from it, they then just organically toyed with and grew the idea to start UROKO. Fun fact: uroko means fish scales in Japanese, which is a symbol of luck, abundance, and prosperity. Perhaps it’s all meant to be, as they are now known for their fresh cuts of sashimi and tuna!

Image Credit: UROKO

To Enjoy Japanese Cuisine Together

The intent behind UROKO is one that focuses on the spirit of togetherness. At UROKO, everyone – including the founders themselves – could spend time with their families, friends, and loved ones, bonding over authentic Japanese cuisine. There are a few highlights you should definitely try at UROKO:

  • Omakse: UROKO chefs recreate the taste of Japan with the freshest ingredients available. Premium sake pairing available as well
  • Uroko Maki: A house signature sushi roll with salmon, topped with eel and melt-in-your-mouth caviar
  • Sashimi Moriawase: A mixed sashimi platter comprised of freshly prepared, high quality seafood
  • Pan-fried foie-gras: Paired with steamed radish, this dish boasts a buttery texture and distinctively sweet aftertaste without being too rich
  • Salmon ball salad: A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, crispy vegetables come wrapped in fresh raw salmon
  • Special maki/sushi roll: Special creations that enhance the taste of its star ingredient (unagi, soft-shell crab, octopus, smoked duck, etc.)
Image Credit: UROKO

Authentic, But Affordable

Fret not about burning a hole in your pocket when dining at UROKO. UROKO is semi-fine dining, and clientele ranges from expert foodies, food enthusiasts, and the average Malaysian family. In other words, everyone can dine at UROKO to enjoy their authentic Japanese cuisine. Putting their best foot forward to bring you the different tastes of Japan, their menu items include yakitori, sashimi, sushi rolls, and hearty soups. Besides that, dining at UROKO is very much unique and comfortable as well. Unlike the traditional cubicles, UROKO restaurants are spacious, accentuated with solid wood furniture and their signature fish scale detailing. As such, they are able to accommodate for large groups! Best of all, UROKO is also Insta-worthy, both in terms of the restaurant setup, and of course, their food.

Image Credit: UROKO

To Bringing More People Together

At UROKO’s heart lies “family”. The founders started UROKO to share experiences with loved ones, and to create new memories with them as well. The message behind UROKO has resonated with many, and they look forward to bringing more people together. Currently, they have two outlets: Section 17 in PJ, and Nova Saujana. In the near future, they hope to expand in the Klang Valley, with more outlets following to cater to customers in different areas. With that, they’re also on the lookout for people who match their passion for perfecting Japanese cuisine to expand their team. Come Chinese New Year, you can also look forward to their Japanese-inspired yeesang, which marries both Malaysian and Japanese cultures and flavours.

Image Credit: UROKO

For your very own unique, authentic Japanese experience, visit UROKO at:

Or call/WhatsApp them at:

  • PJ branch: +6017-673 9223
  • Saujana branch: +6011-3108 8870