Be Wowed and Mesmerised by the Magic of Tommillusions

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There is something special and spectacular about magic that captivates people of all ages, adults and children alike. The idea of the unthinkable possibilities by breaking boundaries we know of this world makes magic truly astounding. In fact, perhaps that could explain the popularity of the Harry Potter series that has changed and impacted the world. However, one does not have to head to Hogwarts via Platform 9 3/4 to experience the wonders of magic. For your dose of enchantment, you can head on over to Tommillusions to experience the world of magic!

About Tommillusions

Tommillusions is here to AMAZE. ASTONISH. ASTOUND. He believes in bringing audience a mind blowing performance and to leave them baffled. Which leads to believe that as normal humans, we can achieve the impossible through an electrifying and engaging persona. Tommillusions belief in modifying magic effects that should suit his personality, enabling to relate and engage the participants or audience witnessing his art of magic.

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The Magical World of Tommillusions

It is not about selling you a magic TRICK. He is selling you an UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Not here to show you what effects he can achieve and you can’t, in which makes him the superior human as a magician. In addition, he believes in audience participation to bring Magic Effects closer to each and every participant. He would also like to bring across a special message to his audience. And through the participation and message sent across, he hopes to create a positive and a memorable experience to his audience.

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The History of Tommillusions

It started professionally on 6th August 2014. He first showed interest in the art since 2008. Back in polytechnic days while he was showing each other simple card magic, he realized that this art brings smiles and wonderment. He wanted to work on a valentine’s day magic for his girlfriend back then (who is his wife now) and went to patronize a local magic store. After that day, he hooked on to magic and there’s no turning back.

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Not Just Any Magic Trick

It is a symbol where it represents, all the unique experience of amaze, astonish and astound. The first look would strike you that he is in the entertainment line and as a magician, where he will embark on this electrifying persona to deliver a positive and memorable experience to whomever witness his craft in presence. Tommillusions have won 4 gold medals and emerged as the best performer in a single competition. He is also the official Mediacorp consultant. For dramas that require magic effects, he is the person whom they’ll go to. His goal is to be a standard of magic where others interested in the art of magic will not only be as good as him, but better than him, the legacy where he would want to leave down the generations where magic will be much appreciated as a craft than a trivial art to entertain kids only.

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“Magic is an art, where it can be used as a double edge sword. one extreme End to Bring Smiles to the many through stretching their minds on making the impossible, POSSIBLE. Or the other extreme end where people use it to Con other innocent people off their finances. Hence please only take up the art of Magic with a right character and heart. One of my greatest Philosophies I learnt during my days as a Boy during the Boys’ Brigade in Singapore, Seniors Program, Leadership Training Camp “Tough Times Don’t LAST, Tough People DO!”.

– Tommillusions

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