A Dose of Delizioso Italian Food at Livello Uno

The first things that pops up on people’s mind at the mention of Italian food are usually pizza or pasta. However, there is so much more Italian cuisine! We’re talking Crostini, Insalata Caprese, Guanciale and we are just beginning! You may have been lusting over the thought of heading to Italy to sip on Italian wine while grazing their cuisine. Your momentary lust can be fixed by popping by to good ol’ Taman Tun for a satisfying Italian meal.

About Livello Uno

Livello Uno started in May 2015 and is an Italian restaurant in TTDI that serves Homemade Italian food in a family friendly space. The founders want to bring a piece of Italy to Malaysians without having to travel the long distance. Their best selling item by far is the Tiramisu or what they fondly call the ‘Killer Tiramisu’. In addition, another specialty is Gnocchi which is basically a soft potato dumpling. They make two types – plain flour or wholewheat flour which is then cooked in a various ways.

Image credit: Livello Uno

The Team That Brought Italy to TTDI

The chef was working for a few local F&B companies when Ched Mashad decided to open his own place. Mutiara just left a corporate job and was in between deciding what to do when they talked about opening their own restaurant together. Thus, Livello Uno was born. They are a brother-sister duo who are half Italian and half Malay. Chef Mashad has always been in food scene beginning with his Diploma in Culinary arts at SHATEC in Singapore. He then worked overseas on the cruise ship Queen Mary 2 and worked at numerous restaurants across Europe fine tuning his culinary skills specializing in fine dining before returning back to Malaysia.

Image credit: Livello Uno

A Taste of Italy Only A Drive Away

Livello Uno has a lot of regular customers in the TTDI area from office folks to families. Many of them have accompanied them from its birth until today. Their aim is to serve customers who want to eat homemade Italian food in a comfortable setting. They have been voted as the #1 Italian restaurant and have been featured in a variety of publications such as The Edge, The Star, TV show Jalan Jalan Cari Makan, and BFM radio station.

Image credit: Livello Uno

Spreading The Love For Italian Food

Livello Uno stays true to their mission of offering homemade Italian cuisine that anyone can enjoy comfortably. Besides that, their future plans include developing a range of Chef Mashad Pino’s homemade sauces. They have created three at the moment and they can be purchased in-house at Livello Uno or at Plaza Damas where there is a Malaysian epicurean fair being held.

Image credit: Livello Uno

“We believe that homemade Italian food should be enjoyed by everyone. Our food has no preservatives, no msg and we use only fresh ingredients in everything that we make.”

– Livello Uno

Bring your date to Livello Uno pronto!