10 Types of People You Meet at the Gym

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There are many types of gym goers. Some serious, some casual. If you are regular gym goers, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to this article very much – the 10 types of people you meet at the Gym.

1) The Try Hard

The person who hangs out in the gym every day. Nothing will stop him getting motivated.

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2) The Selfie Fanatic 

Every time the person goes to the gym, the first work out would be taking a selfie and checking in on Facebook.

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3) The Show Off

The person who just loves attention. I am sure everyone doesn’t need to know how much you can carry or how far you can run.

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4) The Hot Stuff

Now, this we all like. What’s more motivating than having an eye candy in front of you. You’ll be amazed with what you could achieve.

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5) The Pusher

Also known as the personal trainer. You will often hear the words “you can do it! Come on! 10 more to go!”

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6) The January Guy

Only comes in January. Brand New Year with a new year resolution. But of course it often only last for less than a month

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7) The Hunter

They don’t really go to the gym to work out, but to find a partner.

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8) The Awkward Creep

There is one in every gym. The one who comes and stares at you when you’re half way working out.

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9) The Company

Always comes with a bunch of friends. Mostly doing mouth exercise instead of body.

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10) Mr Cocky

The one who confidently walk around naked in the changing room.

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