Nut Culture Provides High Quality Artisanal Vegan Products

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When it comes to cheese and nut butters, there are mostly two types of people: you either love it or hate it. While we belong in the former group, the quality of the raw ingredients is a major factor when it comes to the taste. Once you have tried what real nut butter tastes like, you can never go back to store bought commercial goods. Nut Culture believes in using top notch quality ingredients to bring you the best cheeses and nut butter you can have.

About Nut Culture

Nut Culture is a Singaporean-based company providing you with the highest quality artisanal vegan cashew cheeses and nut butter. Their cheeses are made from organic cashew nuts, which are ground, fermented, seasoned and aged for several weeks to reach the perfect flavours and consistency. Additionally, their nut butters are 100% natural made with 100% nuts, with no oil, sugar or preservatives added!

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Becoming Nutty and Cheesy

Their co-founder Hadas was a vegetarian for over a decade. Three years ago after being informed of the practices commonly used in the dairy industry, she knew going vegan was the next ethical step. Hence, she was looking for a way to substitute dairy products with a more sustainable alternative, yet was disappointed to find out the market offerings were mostly highly processed plastic-like products. Going vegan is not all about sacrifice, but it can also be delicious and convenient. Therefore, she then decided to solve her problem by making her own cheeses.

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Leaving A Healthier Planet

All of their products are 100% natural and plant-based. There are no animal products, byproducts, additives or preservatives added. They try to keep it simple yet delicious, using wholesome ingredients that are fresh and sourced sustainably. Therefore, they are proud to share that they hand craft some of the finest vegan cheese and nut butters that your taste buds will ever have the pleasure of tasting. Ultimately, they hope to give a delicious, healthy solution to all those seeking to remove dairy from their diet, due to ethical, sustainability or health issues. Furthermore, they hope to see more vegan products sold in conventional supermarkets and incorporated into dishes in restaurants. Currently, their products are available at Cold Storage, Redmart, Four Seasons Organic Market, Eat Organic, Shake Farm & Marche Etique.

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“We believe in adding good to the world. We want to spread the vegan message and inform people of the better choices they can make for a more ethical, sustainable and healthy planet.”

– Nut Culture

Get one yourself before you go nuts!