Crafty Minds Unleashes The Artistic Flair In Children Using Technology

Image credit: Crafty Minds

Child development is a process that every child goes through and each child’s growth will vary depending on where their innate talent and skills lie. Artistic development is a defined period of creativity growth. Unfortunately, Asian parents tend to deprioritize artistic interests and talents of their children compared to the Western counterparts as Asian parents see more value in science and/or mathematics.

However, creativity and thinking out of the box is a key trait for success during adulthood which should be harnessed from a young age. Crafty Minds combines arts and sciences into one and is an avenue that would allow children’s creativity juices to flow freely.

Getting To Know Crafty Minds

Crafty Minds is a business that started in mid-2014 and is an enrichment centre for kids from age 4-15 years old. Their concept is based on the latest technology and they also embrace the idea of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math ) to all their courses.

They use S.T.E.A.M as the root of their courses and produce their own syllabus based on their experiences with children in local and international school. They offer two main programs/courses/workshops which include 3D Design & 3D Printing and Minecraft.Edu. Additionally, they also offer other shorter courses such as, 3D Pen Workshop, Clay Stop Motion, Hydraulic Robot Arm, and Junior Digital Art.

Image credit: Crafty Minds
Image credit: Crafty Minds

Be Crafty With Their Speciality

At Crafty Minds, they provide 3D Design and Printing which is fairly new in Malaysia. They would like to reach out to each child to make use this technology which is similar to drawing on a piece of paper. The difference is that they can create anything creative and also be practical at the same time.

The process of 3D Design and printing

Crafty Minds is a place where they encourage each child to bring his or her imagination from art to reality. It might sound far-fetched but it is happening at Crafty Minds. The photo below is a model of a 3D printed castle created by a 12-year-old. He started with sketches in his workbook then applied his ideas to a 3D Software in the computer where he will finalise his work to be sent for printing. Lastly, he applied painting onto his 3D printed castle. Crafty Minds applies the concept of ‘Sketch, Design & Print’ on their syllabus. They allow each child to see how applications in 2D can be transformed in 3D with the use of the latest technology.


Image credit: Crafty MindsImage credit: Crafty Minds




The Unconventional Challenge

Crafty Minds have had the opportunity to collaborate with some international schools in Klang Valley, such as International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), Garden International School (GIS) and Sri Nobel International School. The most challenging situation for Crafty Minds is trying to explain their syllabus to parents that are hesitant to explore the latest technology and have the perception that their program or course is for entertainment and gaming purpose only.

Image credit: Crafty Minds
Image credit: Crafty Minds

The Crafty Vision

Crafty Minds’ aim is to combine arts and sciences to stimulate a child’s creativity. They look into every child’s needs and tailor the lesson to suit the child. Although they have a syllabus but they will implement the syllabus according to the child’s creativity needs. Their ultimate goal is to bring forth the knowledge of the latest technologies to Malaysia and instil the idea into the younger generation through education.

Image credit: Crafty Minds
Image credit: Crafty Minds

Picasa believed ‘Every child is an artist…’. but we personally believe, every child is a unique artist and there is no fact, no wrong or right in be creative.

— Crafty Minds

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