KEDAI Should Be Your Next Weekend Artisanal Marketplace To Go!

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Sometimes, especially during the weekend, we feel like going out and doing something fun. But we can easily be bored with doing the same things over and over again like shopping or watching movies. Well, next weekend you should head over to KEDAI which is an artisanal marketplace.


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KEDAI is a new street market concept that supports a kaleidoscope of homegrown brands and products. The aim is to create an everlasting bazaar which allows customers to have a unique retail experience.

Furthermore, it also allows us to discover Malaysian brands and products that we might not have heard about. Having this exposure is an amazing way to showcase the work of Malaysians in different industries.

KEDAI is actually a project by the Mahsa Group which owns and runs Mahsa University. Which is why the artisanal marketplace is located in Mahsa Avenue at Block B on Levels 2 and 3.

There are 60 units of curated shop lots being offered which run between 220 and 440 square feet. In fact, they are constantly looking for new businesses, artists, makers, and designers to set up shop.

Unique Malaysian Brands

Moving on, when you head over to KEDAI you will find all sorts of local businesses offering a variety of products.

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For example, stop by DAUN to have some cakes, coffee, and other dessert treats. As you sit, chit chat, and enjoy your sweet treats you will be surrounded by lush greenery. The decor in DAUN focuses on nature with plants everywhere.

Harris Potteris
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Check out the Harris Potteris shop to see a Malaysian twist on the classic movie we all love. Harris Potteris reimagines Harry Potter and friends as Malaysians with our rich culture and their magic.

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Lastly, check out Wunderbath for some unique and creative bath products. They have teh tarik lip balm, kueh inspired soaps, and of course bathbombs!