MuayFit Transforms You With Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Programmes

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“Working out” has long been part of most people’s routine, but unfortunately working out (attempts) doesn’t always… work out. That could be due to a number of reasons, including boredom and repetitiveness. In the end, it just feels like a chore. So why not discover other ways to get fit? At MuayFit, watch yourself transform into a stronger, happier version of yourself as you take on their mixed martial arts (MMA) and/or fitness programmes, both of which are fun enough to keep you engaged!

About MuayFit

Launched in 2010, MuayFit started with the intention of providing three benefits: get fit, be equipped with martial arts and have fun, all without the usual boring exercises. At MuayFit, there improve people’s lives by transforming their body into better shape, helping them to be healthier, stronger, safer, and happier through various martial arts and fitness programmes. In short, MuayFit aims to bring the best training experience to as many members possible across the world.

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Transforming Lives, Defending Selves

Gan Jiunn Uei and Paul Teo Chee Kwan are the founders of MuayFit. Backed by a strong team consisting of international champion instructors, they ultimately hope to transform lives through their unique training programmes. What’s best at MuayFit include their 30 Days Transformation Program, Personal Trainings, Group Trainings, and their latest addition, MuayFit Online. You can look forward to various courses as well, namely MuayThai, MadSweat Fitness, Western Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, MuayThai for Kids, and Krav Maga Self Defense. Through these courses and programmes, practitioners become more fit, healthy and happy. By learning martial arts, one is better equipped at self-defence as well. MuayFit has also trained many celebrities including Hong Kong actresses, Malaysian movie stars, famous YouTubers and supermodels. They also equip bodyguards of elite high profile individuals with unarmed self-defence skills.

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Everyone Is Welcome!

Some think that MMA should only be done within a certain age range, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. Kids as young as 4 years old learn with MuayFit, and they also have senior citizens up to the age of 64 years old training with them currently! At MuayFit, they focus on three things: Fun, Results, Family. Each training programme at MuayFit is designed to be fun and result-oriented to allow members achieve their goals in the shortest time possible, without omitting the element of fun. All MuayFit members, including the team, are part of a huge family–the MuayFit family. Some also think that achieving a fit and healthy body is difficult, but MuayFit wants to bust that myth. Body goals can be easily achieved with an effective training course with proper step-by-step guidance.

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#Goals For Everyone

Just like most of everyone, MuayFit was crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic as well. However, the team was quick to think on their feet and made a change to provide all members with MuayFit Online trainings. All turned out to be well despite suffering from financial loss during the lockdown. Some of MuayFit’s achievement include being the first MMA Gym in Klang Valley (2010); the first MMA Gym to represent Malaysia in the First ASEAN MMA Summit and ONE Champion events; organising the first MMA tournament, MAYHEM 2 in Sunway Pyramid (2010); and founding the Malaysian Fighting Championship with 6 successful event series. They even organised a world-class boxing event in Malaysia and received international recognition by WBC (World Boxing Council)! In the future, MuayFit aims to transform more lives globally in a fun yet result-oriented way. Their plans even include people who need special care, elderly people, and people from remote areas!

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“Give and you shall receive.” – MuayFit.

Any body, martial arts or fitness goals that you have; do not doubt it, it is definitely achievable. All you need is to do is reach out to MuayFit, who are ready to help!