10 Recommended YouTube Workout Channels To Try At Home

10 Recommended YouTube Workout Channels To Try At Home
Image Credits: Les Mills & Yoga With Adriene YouTube channels

With the COVID-19 still looming over us like a dark thundercloud, you can forget about the good old days–if not forever–of working out in the gym. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on working out entirely. Thanks to unlimited workout content available on YouTube, you can continue staying in shape… for free. Of course, they are countless YouTube workout videos if we’re going to list them all. Instead, we have compiled a list of 10 Recommended YouTube Workout Channels To Try At Home in alphabetical order.

1) Chloe Ting

Did you know that Brunei-born and Melbourne-raised Chloe Ting used to work full-time in the finance industry? She eventually quit her job and embarked in the world of social media, where she started her namesake YouTube channel in 2011. She offers free workout programmes for anyone who wants to keep fit or lose weight in the comfort of their own home. In 2019, she released a workout video titled “Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge”. Lasting at 11 minutes, her particular abdominal workout video requires no fancy equipment other than a floor mat for performing various movements. At the time of writing, her video has enjoyed tremendous views at over 296 million!

2) FitnessBlender

With 600+ full-length workout videos under a single YouTube channel, FitnessBlender offers something that you can do using little-to-no equipment. Looking for a quick workout session? Try the intense 10-minute Abdominal Strength Workout or 10-minute Upper Body Workout. And if you are up for a challenge, get all stretching and sweating with their 1,000 Calorie Workout. The video lasts at 90 minutes, as the husband-and-wife team Daniel and Kelli performs the likes of total body strength training, HIIT cardio and kickboxing.

3) Joanna Soh Official

Both a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) as well as a Nutrition Coach and Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM), Joanna Soh has been in the business for over a decade. She has her own namesake YouTube channel, offering the likes of fitness tips and workout videos. Here, you will find comprehensive videos such as the beginner-friendly low-impact core functional training and 30-minute upper body & abs compound circuit. To date, her YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers with 206 million views since 2012.

4) Kit Rich

What do familiar names like Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha have in common? Well, both of them happened to train under the guidance of Kit Rich, a famous celebrity trainer responsible for keeping them in shape. If you ever dream of having a celebrity trainer but can’t afford to hire one, Kit Rich has her own eponymous YouTube channel. And yes, her workout videos are all available for free viewings. You will find everything from 30-minute Leg Cardio/Strength to 30-minute Full Body Circuit HIIT and 1-hour Full Body-Focused Strength.

5) Les Mills

Les Mills offers various workout videos on their eponymous YouTube channel. You can check out their Free Workouts playlist, consisting of everything from cardio to HIIT, dance and even their signature BODYJAM. The latter refers to the type of workout that combines dance and music.

6) Men’s Health

The popular Men’s Health magazine needs no introduction, given its illustrious history since 1986. Famous for their expert tips and advice on the likes of fitness and nutrition, Men’s Health also its own YouTube channel. And not surprisingly, you will find various workout videos focusing on everything from upper body/lower body strength to cardio, squats and mobility.

7) NateBowerFitness

Love boxing? Here’s one for you to check it out: NateBowerFitness, where certified boxing instructor Nate Bower offers different kinds of free boxing lessons. You can try his 21 Day Challenge session or go for the individual workouts, namely 30-minute Level Up Boxing Workout and 25-minute Beginner Boxing HIIT.

8) SixPackAbs.com

True to its name, SixPackAbs.com focuses primarily on giving us free lessons related to science-based workouts for achieving six-pack abs. Their videos are diverse, covering everything from Full Body Dumbbell Workout to 4 Chest Exercises for a Bigger Chest and 3-minute ABS.


For Chris Heria, getting that lean and sculpted body doesn’t necessarily require full-gym equipment. Of course, you need to know the right steps and movements with the help of Chris’ THENX YouTube channel. His free workout videos have amassed an astonishing 6.52 million subscribers, where he regularly shows us how to achieve six-pack abs with little (e.g. dumbbells) or no equipment.

10) Yoga With Adriene

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, there’s something for everyone here at Yoga With Adriene. That include the likes of yoga for cramps & PMS, lower back, hamstrings and upper body strength. You can also find other yoga sessions that relieve stress, gut health and even vertigo. Alternatively, do check out her 30 Days of Yoga Journey session.