Celebrate CNY At Home Safely With Tiger To Bring On The ONG!

We’re less than a month away from Chinese New Year, and as we all know, it’s best that we keep celebrations intimate this year to ensure the health and safety of all. However, celebrating CNY at home does not mean that it is cancelled. CNY is an auspicious time where we usher in a new year symbolising a new beginning that will bring on the ONG. While you celebrate CNY at home safely, you can still bring on the ONG while enjoying Tiger products. Ready to have an ONGsome new year? Let’s go!

Bring On The ONG

As CNY is fast approaching, Tiger is helping you to bring on the ONG! To bring this mission to life, Tiger lined up an array of ONGsome promotions and giveaways worth more than RM1,000,000 for you! Keep reading to find out what prizes are available, and how you can win them!

Bring On The ONG Redemption

Tiger Limited Edition ONG Cans (旺事如意)

Decked out in rich red and shiny gold, these limited edition ONG cans are the best thing to kick-start the year. Available in two (2) sets with four (4) different designs, and all you have to do is purchase one (1) carton of Tiger Beer & Tiger Crystal each to redeem one (1) set. If you fancy both designs and would like to take both of them home as a full set purchase two (2) cartons of Tiger Beer & Tiger Crystal OR four (4) cartons of Tiger Beer. You can also play the ONG Wheel game with the cans:

Step 1: Scan the red cans
Step 2: Experience the AR CNY greetings
Step 3: Enter the Ong Wheel game (free tier)
Step 4: Spin the game and win prizes

Alternatively, you can also play the game on their website: https://tigercny.my/theongwheel

With a purchase of Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, Heineken®, Heineken® 0.0, Apple Fox, and Guinness (excluding Anglia Shandy, Malta, and Anchor) worth RM288 in a single receipt, prizes from the ONG wheel include Tiger Limited Edition Cans, Rummy Sets, ONG Lai Bowl Sets, Tiger CNY Playing Cards, Tiger CNY Ang Pows, Tiger CNY Premium Ang Pows, and Guinness Gold Playing Cards among other prizes.

Image Credit: Tiger

Guinness Gold Playing Cards

Is CNY really CNY if you don’t have playing cards on standby? Well, up your card game this year with a set of gorgeous Guinness Gold playing cards! All you have to do is purchase RM200 worth of Guinness products, and they are yours.

Image Credit: Tiger

Heineken® Cooler Box

Say goodbye to trips to the fridge every time you want to grab a cold drink with this Heineken® Cooler Box! Sleek and sophisticated, the cooler box is perfect to place right next to your sofa or around your dining table during gaming sessions with the Guinness Gold Playing Cards for some family time. Simply store it up with your favourite drinks and ice, and your supply of cold drinks is fixed!

Image Credit: Tiger

Bring On The ONG Promotions

ONG Lai Bowl Set

It’s the bowl to collect your ONG this year! To redeem this limited edition Ong Lai Bowl Set, all you have to do is spend RM200 and above on Tiger Beer/Tiger Crystal/Guinness/Apple Fox at participating outlets.

Image Credit: Tiger

Pestle & Mortar x Tiger Limited Edition T-Shirt

New T-shirt for the new year? Stand a chance to win a limited edition Pestle & Mortar x Tiger T-shirt when you spend above RM20 on participating brands* at 7-Eleven and MyNews!

Image Credit: Tiger

*Participating brands: Heineken®, Heineken 0.0, Guinness, Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, Apple Fox & Anchor

99Speedmart Contest

How about a new phone for the new year instead? Sounds good? Then purchase any products from participating brands* in a single receipt from 99Speedmart, and you will stand a chance to win an iPhone 12! That’s not all, for you can also get RM50 worth of 99Speedmart vouchers for future use.

Image Credit: Tiger

*Participating brands: Heineken®, Heineken 0.0, Guinness, Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, Apple Fox

Check Your Bottle Caps!

Last but not least, you can also grab up to RM1,000,000 worth of ONGsome prizes when you purchase any big bottles of Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, Heineken®. Remember not to dispose the bottle caps, for the prize will be revealed in the cap! Prizes include cash ang pow (worth RM18,888 / RM388 / RM88 depending on the bottle caps) and limited edition Ong Lai Bowl Set. All you have to do is check underneath your bottle cap to determine your prize! For any enquiries regarding redemption during the MCO, you can also call 1800-18-5678.

Image Credit: Tiger

So Bring On The ONG this year with the many ONGsome items above! For more information on participating outlets or any of the promotions, head over to https://tigercny.my or https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY.

While celebrating CNY this year, remember to comply with the MCO SOPs, and not drink and drive.

Note: Promotions are subject to change in line with the relevant regulations, and are only open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above.

To a better year ahead, and Gong Xi Fa Cai!