Top 10 Curry Rice in Singapore

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Spicy, flavourful and above all, appetising, there’s no doubt that curry rice certainly earned its comfort-food distinction. There are a few of them you can find in Singapore to enjoy this heartwarming, tummy-filling dish! And if you are looking for some recommendations, check out this list of Top 10 Curry Rice in Singapore.

1) Gorilla Curry

Gorilla Curry

Previously known as Lao Cai’s Curry, Gorilla Curry’s 40-year-plus recipe remains their major selling point even until today. The secret lies within its 10 ingredients incorporated into the curry, which imparts enough flavour and aroma. Their menu is diverse, covering not only the usual curry chicken but also other unique curry dishes like Salted Egg Cutlet Curry Rice and even Mala Blanched Pork Curry Set Meal. The latter consists of succulent braised pork seasoned with Gorilla Curry’s mala dressing, curry and braised gravy.

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2) Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Specialising in Hainanese-style curry rice, this popular Beach Road restaurant literally uses a pair of scissors to cut whatever choices of deep-fried cutlets and braised meats that you have picked from the display cabinet. The scissor-cut meats are then placed all over the rice on a plate, followed by their special Hainanese curry sauce blanketing the entire dish. Not exactly an Insta-friendly meal to begin with, especially given its overall sloppy presentation. But what matters the most is the taste, where you’ll get thick and flavourful curry. The meats regardless of fried or braised has a nice, juicy texture that complements well with the spiciness of the curry as well as the rice and other side dishes.

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3) Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice

Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice

Believe it or not, Tiong Bahru-based Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice has actually been around for decades. Or more specifically, since 1946! They still preserve its same old-school Hainanese curry recipe that has been passed on for generations, with every batch taking a few days to prepare. Do order their signature pork chop and chap chye (stewed cabbage), with the former’s crisp outer layer and juicy meat on the inside pairing well with its appetisingly thick curry.

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4) Beo Crescent Curry Rice

Beo Crescent Curry Rice

This no-name stall, which operates since 1990, got its unofficial name under “Beo Crescent Curry Stall”, since it’s actually situated at Beo Crescent. That aside, their signature dish has to be the crispy pork chop, all cut into bite-sized portions and double-fried to ensure its optimal crispiness. It comes with a standard serving of rice and curry as well as lor bak (spiced pork roll) sauce and chap chye gravy. This, in turn, elevates the spiciness of your curry rice with a subtle hint of savoury and sweet flavours.

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5) Old Hainan Curry Rice

Old Hainan Curry Rice

Located at Upper Thomson Road, Old Hainan Curry Rice has been in the business for over 20 years, where their former location happened to be at Serangoon North Avenue 1. Their silky, golden curry is the real deal here: aromatic, smooth and spicy that pairs well with just about everything. Here, they offer plenty of dishes to go with your curry and rice, namely fried chicken and braised pork chop.

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6) Sin Chie Toke Huan

Sin Chie Toke Huan

Craving for some home-cooked style of Hainanese curry rice? Here’s one that is worthy of your next food hunt: Sin Chie Toke Huan at Upper Serangoon Road. Just pick the dishes of your choice (e.g. braised pork belly, har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) and braised cabbage) and then have your rice dish coated with curry. Mind you that their curry isn’t typically thick and robust commonly found in most Hainanese Curry Rice. But if you don’t mind their thinner type of curry, it still retains its aromatic spiciness that tastes mild but not overpowering.

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7) Tian Tian Curry Rice

Tian Tian Curry Rice

Operating since 1973, Tian Tian Curry Rice’s secret family recipe is the key to their longstanding success. Their curry is both mild and sweet, making it all the more appetising that pairs well with the mixed rice dishes. You can even have your curry combined with assorted meat sauces, namely lor bak and pork chop. When comes to meat, you can’t go wrong with their deep-fried pork chop that has a nice, crispy batter to it.

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8) Cheng’s 27

Cheng’s 27

Beyond its contemporary shoplot lies a place that serves good old zi char dishes from meat to seafood and vegetables. For curry dishes, they have various choices including crispy chicken chop and prawn fritters. It’s a simple, comforting meal with a generous ladle of curry poured beside the rice. Keep in mind they close on Tuesdays! | FB: chengs27

9) Eleven Fingers (Eu Kee) Scissors Curry Rice

Eleven Fingers (Eu Kee) Scissors Curry Rice

A favourite among many lunch crowd, their curry rice is a glorious mess. Thick and rich in flavour, you’ll also get other types of sauces slathering all over the rice. As for the meat selections, take your pick from the likes of chicken drumstick and fried pork chop, where the aunty from the stall will cut them with a pair of scissors (hence the name of their place).

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10) An Lock Curry Rice

An Lock Curry Rice

An Lock Curry Rice serves home-style rice dishes, where you pick your preferred meats and vegetables from the display cabinet of the stall. What’s more, their dishes are all cooked fresh on a daily basis. Curry-wise, expect a thinner consistency but still nice enough to make your rice dish both appetising and fulfilling. An Lock Curry Rice can be found at North Bridge Road Food Centre.

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