Henry Jacques Is Now Open In Pavilion Mall And We Are Excited!

Henry Jacques may not be a widely spoken name but it definitely gives an air of luxury. The brand is one that comes up when speaking of bespoke fragrances amongst the rich. And now they are open in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur!

Henry Jacques is one of the few perfume houses in the world that is family-owned. They are known for crafting specially made fragrances. In fact, even royalty have had a personally made scent from this brand.

Founder Henry Jacques Cremona, had an amazing passion for scents and their versatility. Driven by his passion and an encounter with French perfume, he decided to open up his own perfume atelier. Only the best ingredients are used such as premium natural essences. A lot of skill is dedicated into crafting each scent.

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Previously, Henry Jacques was only in service to a list of private clientele. However, recently they have decided to cater to the public. Anne-Lise Cremona who is the daughter of Henry Jacques is the driving force behind the commercialisation of the brand.

Now you can head over to their shop in Pavilion and check out their line of fragrances called Les Classiques. The collection has fifty unique and amazing fragrances which come in specially designed crystal bottles. Les Classiques is a line that is made to be available to the public on a speedier level.

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This is because the fragrance brand still allows customers to have custom created scents. If none of the scents from Les Classiques tickle your fancy then you can custom order your very own bottle.

Be warned that it might take a while. Everything in their laboratory is 100% handcrafted and may take a few months to a year. It might be a wait to get it but at the end you will have the perfect scent handcrafted just for you.

Of course there will be guidance throughout the whole process. You will get to choose your favourite fragrance base and pick even the smallest elements of your product. Would you wait this long for that one of a kind scent perfectly made for you?