Malaysia’s Top 10 Handmade Accessories Specialists

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Creative, unique, and skillful are some of the traits we found when browsing thru the works of these 10 Handmade Accessories Specialists. Assembled and formed by hand, imagine the amount of focus and attention to details which are required to complete every piece of jewelry, not to mention when there can be variety of techniques involved in each piece of creation. Get ready to be adorned by the talent of these Top 10 homegrown most voted Handmade Accessories Specialists.

1) SheDazzles

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SheDazzles, a jewellery couture heart-crafted artistry, is the new trendsetter that creates a line of jewellery that is fabulous, elegant, unique yet affordable. The lovely part about SheDazzles’ jewellery is that no two design is the same. Taking up hours to days, each piece of jewellery is specially designed from raw with its own story. Founded by 3 individuals, SheDazzles’ beautiful jewellery stems from the combination of different details, elements and perspectives of an architect, engineer and dentist. | FB: SheDazzles | IG: @ aisyahrazin_shedazzler

2) Coral Crafty

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Exquisitely handmade with love and passion, Coral Crafty produces crafted jewellery, one piece at a time, using natural materials. Coral Crafty believes natural blemishes make each handmade product charming and unique. In her portfolio, you’ll most likely notice how Coral Crafty loves putting leather and accessories together. Coral Crafty also creates authentic handmade products that are made of genuine leather, such as journals, purses, key cases and many more. | FB: coralcrafty | IG: @coralcrafty

3) ChusCraft

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ChusCraft is a handmade specialist that is nature inspired and uses bronze vintage jewellery and other eco-friendly material. For the love of nature, ChusCraft started producing high quality yet affordable handmade jewellery since 2012. A noteworthy creation of ChusCraft is their signature Terrarium Necklaces which instill fairylike and romantic sentiments within. According to Chu, the founder, her motivation for crafting comes from the satisfaction of her customers when they receive her creations. | FB: chuscraft | IG: @chuscraft

4) Shirleen Jeweliciouss

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Shirleen Jeweliciouss offers handmade jewellery which focuses on glamour while still complementing casualness. Founded in 2013 by Shirleen who worked on it part-time, she fancies using materials ranging from crystals, gemstones, Swarovski stones, charms and clay flowers to give you timeless pieces. Filled with passion, Shirleen believes every piece of jewellery should have its own unique story to suit one’s style and character. | FB: shirleenjeweliciouss | IG: @shirleenjeweliciouss

5) Beads Beats

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Founded by Shana Ashar, Beads Beats’ collections are 100% handmade using various types of beads, gemstones and different types of metal. Each and every item single-handedly designed by Shana herself, they are limited to one piece for each design. Having been in the beading world for more than 5 years, Shana said passion is what first brought her in. Should you have any design ideas, Beads Beats would be more than happy to make that design comes true. | FB: BeadsBeats | IG: @beadsbeats

6) Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

8-diary-of-a-miniature-enthusiast-malaysias-top-10-handmade-accessories-specialists 8-diary-of-a-miniature-enthusiast-malaysias-top-10-handmade-accessories-specialists-2

Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast is a diary recording all the handmade trinkets laboured out of love. Custom-made trinkets have been the company’s main forte. With that, everybody is a designer when it comes to personalising their very own trinkets. Wendy comes from the small town of Muar, graduated with an architecture degree, worked full-time as an interior designer and then finally decided to live up to her passion of creating handmade trinkets that are timeless and versatile for all age groups. | FB: Theminidiary | IG: @theminidiary

7) Cream by Val


Since 2013, Cream by Val specialises in making jewellery out of sterling silver, brass and copper. All the jewellery pieces are designed and handmade by Val at her mini home studio in Kuala Lumpur. Val hopes to create jewellery that contains memories that one can keep and cherish for a lifetime. Cream by Val also carefully curates a selection of jewellery from young designers in Malaysia and abroad for sale on her online store. | FB: CreamByVal | IG: @creambyval

8) de Cor’s Handmades


Despite graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing, Corra the founder of de Cor’s Handmades, started with basic and wire jewellery craft in 2007 and was instantly hooked. Wanting to be innovative, she realised that the Chinese Knot art would introduce a certain je ne sais quoi to her creations, and thus began her fascination and passion for creation in this style and medium. Today, de Cor’s Handmades produces fine luxurious handmade jewellery using wires. | FB: decorshandmades | IG: @decorshandmades

9) Perte


“Per te” which means “for you” in Italian was inspired by the need to cater to today’s sophisticated women who knows what they want, and how they want to wear it. Founded in 2009, perte aims to tap into the luxury accessories market. It offers wide range of hand made accessories including contemporary yet avant-garde bracelet, cuff, earrings and necklace. Each accessory is highly stylised and imbued with extraordinarily meticulous and intricate design, textures and tones, yet oozes with practicality – a marriage of fashion, form and function. | FB: perte.handmade | IG: @perte_handmade

10) Emi Kaz

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Specialises in border laces, cotton fabrics, ready-to-wear and handmade crafts, Emi Kaz aims to offer arrays of dazzling jewellery that are exquisite and distinctive in designs. Every piece of art work is finely hand fabricated to ensure the most excellence in quality. The fabric prints are inspired by classical and modern textile design including dazzling flora, cool electric colours, urban elegance, paisley, stripes and as well as embroidery. | FB: emikazdesign | IG: @emikazdesign

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