Pet My Heart – Delivering Pet Gift Box to Your Doorstep


Delivering Happiness in a Box

Pets My Heart is a Pet Gift Box subscription business which delivers happiness to pets without burdening the pet owners. If you are cats and dogs lovers who would like to give your pets regular surprises filled with treats & toys, but do not have the time to source them, you would probably be grateful with the presence of Pets My Heart.

How does it work?

Founded in June 2015, Pets My Heart sells monthly pet gift boxes for dogs and cats in a subscription basis. Consisting of different subscription plans that renew every 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month, a pet gift box typically contains 4 to 6 (sometimes more) different combinations of pet treats & toys. The catch here is that you do not know what your pets will be getting each month until the parcel is unveiled.

But wait. You would probably be thinking, what if the treats & toys are not suitable for your pet? Fret not as Pets My Heart allows you to customize your pet box to suit your pet type, pet size and allergies (if any). pets

Now Your Pets Can Celebrate Too

On top of the regular deliveries, Pets My Heart produces specialty box for special occasions too. In the past, they have made pet-friendly mooncakes to be included in their Mid-autumn Festival box (refer to this link). Guess what’s next? Christmas of course! Pets My Heart is currently launching its Christmas gift box which contains pet-friendly gingerbread and Christmas pet toys. Fancy some Christmas gifts for your pets? Find out more at this link.pets-2

Behind the Scene

According to Woon Cherk (one of the founders), Pets My Heart is founded by members of diverse background with one common interests i.e. they are all Pets Lovers. Surprisingly, the team consists members coming from accounting, marketing, procurement and IT background (none of animal-related background). The idea of Pets My Heart came about when they wanted to sell pet products and the idea of subscription box struck them – since it’s a popular business model in the US.

Woon Cherk - one of the members of the founding team
Woon Cherk – one of the members of the founding team

The Potential in Malaysia

The team at Pets My Heart is well aware that the subscription business model is relatively new to Malaysians, moreover for pets. However, they also noticed time is essence for Malaysians. Pets My Heart aims to fill the gap by taking the trouble away from pet owners so that they do not need to waste time discovering treats & toys for their pets.

More importantly, Pets My Heart’s products are also cheaper compared to if the pet owners were to buy the products individually. Let alone the off-the-market products, such as pet mooncakes and pet gingerbread that are hard for the pet owners to find anywhere else.pets-3

In a nutshell, Pets My Heart helps pet owners bring endless surprises and happiness to their pets, without them having to worry about the dreadful sourcing process. What do you think?

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