When it’s Wherever, Whenever, You’ll Be Surprised Where and When Malaysians Are Doing It

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 – Wouldn’t it be great if you could have what you want wherever, whenever? An informal survey done by iflix indicates that given the chance, Malaysians would rather do ‘it’ outside of their homes.


Streaming tens of thousands of TV shows & movies online have already freed more than 850,000 people in Southeast Asia from being anchored to the couch or a schedule. And with the introduction of Download & Watch Offline, iflix subscribers can now even use their smartphone or tablet to escape from the harsh punishment of Internet-less days. Download your fave TV shows and movies when connected, watch wherever, whenever you want – No internet, no problem!

A staggering 82% of respondents in iflix’s also said they might download TV shows and movies even if they can stream. Loads of people also said they would download shows from iflix and watch while traveling, especially on planes, or while commuting each day. Other Download & Watch Offline scenarios include during holidays (away from the city), while overseas and even at the gym.  The choice and freedom is completely in the iflix viewer’s hands.

Download & Watch Offline is now available for all Android and iOS users via the iflix app, which can be downloaded for free here and here.

Using the feature is simple.  iflix-2

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