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Neptune View Studio
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We live in the age of documentation, where we are always looking for ways to immortalise good times. Daily life moments aside, one of the most important days in a person’s life is their wedding day. Weddings signify a lifetime commitment, a promise and a celebration of love; and it’s no wonder couples often want everything recorded to look back on fondly. Neptune View Studio captures these genuine moments on the big day through their lens, preserving these happy memories!

About Neptune View Studio

Neptune View Studio’s (NVS) founder Desmond is a person easily touched and moved to tears. Ever since joining the wedding cinematography industry, he has always been touched by the deep emotional connection he witnesses between the newly-weds, be it small gestures or eye gazes. To him, wedding cinematography isn’t just about recording a process, but they are part of the engagement as well. Above all, NVS is about capturing moments that cannot be replicated to transform into heartwarming memories worth cherishing a lifetime.

Image Credit: Neptune View Studio

Why Neptune?

After graduating from Hanxin Academy in 2002, Desmond took up videography as his first job. Since then, he’s been exposed to various sectors including commercials, TV shows and advertisement in which he gained valuable experiences. In 2007, he started his own videography studio, which all began with a cheque. The cheque required a company name, and that was when Desmond came up with “Neptune View Studio”. Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun, and is the only “self-heating” planet. Similarly, with NVS, Desmond hopes for the studio to shine and excel the same way the planet Neptune does.

Image Credit: Neptune View Studio

Love Stories

NVS uses a genuine, down to earth and natural approach coupled with filming artistry to tell love stories. Films are also interlaced with emotions and rousing rhymes to accentuate the fine balance between aesthetics and content. In the beginning, Desmond and his wife Catherine took care of everything, but now they have expanded their team. Despite the expansion, NVS isn’t overly ambitious; they maintain a simple philosophy to live sincerely with love, and appreciate the people and things around them, including the love of newly-weds. The genuine moments at weddings make film production all worth it! Besides actual day shooting, NVS also films videos for marriage proposals, love stories and pre-weddings. Furthermore, with the new norm amidst the pandemic, they are also exploring live stream wedding, which may change how weddings are hosted and redefine wedding cinematography.

Image Credit: Neptune View Studio

Simple & Heartwarming

At the moment, NVS is preparing technology to support live stream wedding cinematography. But in the next five years, they hope to focus more on commercials and marriage proposal productions, and to adapt and improve on methods of capturing memories, creating more value for customers. They were voted #1 on our Top 10 Wedding Cinematographers in KL & Selangor (2020), and were also part of Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Cinematography Studios (2015). Besides that, The Wedding Vow 2017 also featured them on 14 Popular Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia. Many of their customers have become their friends, providing them with life updates which they are always happy to receive. If you prefer a warm, simple and heartwarming take, NVS is the studio for you.

Image Credit: Neptune View Studio

“I believe warm and love-filled cinematic video will never fade away with time.” – Neptune View Studios.

A little message from NVS: NVS has never participated in any renown filming competition. Only with the humble organic word of mouth sharing, we’re still able to get noticed. That by itself, is already an achievement. Thank you!

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