Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Cinematography Studios

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Wedding cinematography has become one of the must-have arrangements for weddings. Simply because there are things video can capture that photography can’t. Using HD DSLR cameras with prime lenses, Cinematographers capture only key moments and gives you a movie-like experience with storytelling that relate to your personalities . Here’s a list of Cinematography studios you should consider to hire for your special day!

1) Keng’s Cinematography

Having inherited visual art skills from his family, Edmund Lee, the founder of Keng’s Cinematography has been described as creative, passionate and professional. He believes every wedding deserves an inspiring motion visual, and his greatest desire is to allow you to experience once again the emotions of that special day. | Vimeo: | FB: KengsCinema | IG: @edmund_kengstudio

2) Neptune View Studio

Neptune View Studio was founded in 2007 by Desmond Kew and Catherine Lee with a shared vision in pursuing style and creative finesse. Driven by a passion for imagery and cinematographic excellence, they’ve always been seeking for fresh and exciting breakthrough to deliver their signature cinematic videos. If you like things to be real and natural, NVS would be your perfect choice. | Vimeo: | FB: nvstudio

3) JXS Wedding Cinematography

The team at JXS Wedding Cinematography strives to make your wedding film look and sound just like a legit movie. Founded by Jessen, he prides himself on his ability to capture the essence of the day. Jessen will find a way to work within your budget while producing videos that are captivating and reflects your own personality. | Vimeo: | FB: jxsweddingcinema

4) Motion In Style

Founded in 2010, Motion In Style was formed by a group of energetic and passionate people who aim to provide high quality cinematic wedding films. The team at Motion In Style believes every wedding is unique and special, they hope to retell your story with the most natural approach which should involve very little directed acting for the camera. | Vimeo: | FB: motioninstyle | IG: @motioninstyle

5) Kenchan Production

Kenchan Production is the product of Ken and his four associates. What sets them apart is that they look for natural shots instead of asking you to pose for it. Vowing to record every moment with special care and extensive creativity, Ken and his team want to film your big day without you worrying about the details. | Vimeo: | FB:  kenchanproduction | IG: @kenchanpro

6) Doodle Studio

Doodle Studio is an multi-award–winning wedding cinematography and photography company based in Kuala Lumpur. The team at Doodle Studio strongly believes it is the passion, creativity, idea-sharing, skills and gears that create their state-of-the-art wedding films. | Vimeo: | FB: DoodleStudio.Wed.deography | IG:@doodle_studio

7) Wheres The Fish Productions

Wheres The Fish was founded by a group of creative, passionate and young members who enjoy documenting the stories of love and romance. This quirky yet catchy name is cheekily derived from the desire of having the initials WTF! Armed with the most advanced film-making tools, they set out on their mission to deliver timeless, high definition wedding movies with their newlyweds as leading actors. | Vimeo: | FB: wheresthefishproductions | IG:@wheresthefishproductions

8) Bean Pictures Cinematography

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Bean Pictures offers a wide range of wedding cinematography services. With the use of high tech equipment such HDSLRs, they aim to capture works of the highest quality. They believe that a marriage represents not only a stage in life but a journey, a vow and a lifetime commitment to each other.

Vimeo: | FB: beanpictures

9) Filming Art Cinematography

Filming Art Cinematography is a multi-award–winning brand in the field of wedding cinematography. This team of filmmakers find joy in working in a hectic setting that is a wedding. But more importantly, they aim to capture central wedding elements that are important in the highest of quality. | YouTube: Filming Art | FB: FilmingArt | IG: @filmingart

10) JC Studio Film

This passionate and experienced team of wedding cinematographers has shot in numerous places across the world. Starting out as wedding photographers, they soon got hooked by the idea of storytelling and obviously they haven’t stopped since. Their tag line, “You share your moments, we capture them.”, stays true to their aim of capturing the true personalities of the bride and groom. | Vimeo: | FB: jcstudiofilms | IG: @jcstudiofilms

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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