6 Places To Enjoy Soybean Desserts In Klang Valley

6 Places To Enjoy Soybean Desserts In Klang Valley

Soybean desserts, particularly the good old tau fu fah (soybean pudding) are nothing new. You can easily find them at the likes of roadside stalls, street markets and dessert shops. But over the past few years, there has been a revival targeted to both young and old crowds. And here are 6 Places To Enjoy Soybean Desserts in Klang Valley!

1) The Soybean Factory @ Various Locations

The name of this dessert shop says it all, offering all things soybeans from beverages to tau fu fah. They even have soybean in the form of shaved ice such as “Soyfac Shaved Ice” (a combination of soybean-based dessert with black pearl, cincau, red bean, crushed peanuts and brown sugar syrup). You can choose to customise your own tau fu fah as well. All you have to do is pick your base (e.g. white or butterfly pea tau fu fah), add up to 6 toppings (e.g. sweet potato balls, taro balls and red bean) and finally, your preferred sugar base (brown, white or ginger red date). Interestingly enough, The Soybean Factory even pushes the boundaries by introducing the savoury varieties (silken tau fu fah with chicken floss, yau char kwai (Chinese crullers) and salted vegetables, anyone?).

Black Forest Shaved Ice from The Soybean Factory
Image Credit: @joning_0409

2) Soyya @ Various Locations

Soyya doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to their soybean products. And that means every process is made fresh on a daily basis using the quality non-GMO soybeans available, with no added artificial flavourings and preservatives as well. Their menu ranges from classic to fusion items, with the latter including interesting concoctions like the “Adzuki Red Bean Hojicha Soyya” and “Espresso Soyya Grass Jelly”. They have soymilk-based soft-serve cone/cup as well, where you can have it plain or added with various toppings. If that’s not enough, look out for the SoySundae — a creamy sundae version of soymilk-based soft serve ice cream drizzled with a syrup of your choice (e.g. espresso, matcha or chocolate).

SoyServe from Soyya
Image Credit: @yennyeats

3) Dáo @ SS15 Subang Jaya & Damansara Jaya

Despite making its debut two years ago in 2018, Dáo’s history actually stretches way back over 25 years ago. The soybean recipe is originated from the three Ipoh-born siblings/founders’ father, who managed Woong Kee Bean Curd in Bercham. Their menu consists of everything old and new, where you expect all-time classics including soy milk and tau fu fah. For the latter, you can have your soft and silky-smooth tau fu fah in ginger or brown sugar syrup. Dáo also aims for the younger crowd, as evidently seen with their bright and hip interior as well as the brand’s fusion concoctions. The latter include the likes of soymilk-based soft serve/sundae, green tea soy milk and shaved ice.

Tau Fu Fah & Soymilk-Based Sundae from Dáo
Image Credit: @e312118

4) Soylab @ Damansara Utama

More than your ordinary soybean dessert shop, Soylab combines both classic and contemporary in their menu. They have everything from “Classic Beancurd” (hot tau fu fah in white or brown sugar syrup) to “Yam Soymilk” and the refreshing “Soy Frozen”. The latter refers to a bowl of soy-based shaved ice topped with Adzuki red beans, grass jelly cubes as well as crushed peanuts and homemade sugar syrup. Freshly-made with 100% non-GMO beans, all of their soybean products contain no artificial flavouring and preservatives.

Image Credit: eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com

5) TONOSoymilk @ Damansara Utama

Here is another shop at Damansara Utama where you can enjoy your soybean dessert craving. Made with quality Canadian soybeans, their menu consists of bottled soymilk beverages nicknamed “Soypresso” and others including soy ice cream and tau fu fah. Unlike your usual soymilk, “Soypresso” is robust and thicker in its taste with assorted flavours like Yuri Matcha, Black Sesame, Almond and Chocolate.

Soypresso and Soy Beancurd from TONOSoymilk
Image Credit: @belkang._

6) SoYoung @ Seri Kembangan

Located in Seri Kembangan, SoYoung specialises in Japanese-style soymilk drinks and desserts. Eschewing the old-school soymilk production technique, they use state-of-the-art Soyboost technology to help preserve the nutrients of the soybeans without losing its natural flavour and aroma. Not just any beans but Grade-A Canadian non-GMO soybeans — all carefully extracted with no added preservatives, flavouring and colouring. They have both original and fusion soy milk beverages, with flavours like Uji Matcha and Belgian Chocolate. Dessert lovers can look forward to delectable varieties such as “Mango Tango Soymilk Mousse Cake” and “Snowy Shirayuki” (snow ice with Japanese soymilk beancurd & various toppings).

Snowy Shirayuki from SoYoung
Image Credit: @archibread