MoBeeGo – The “ENERGY DRINK” For Mobile Phones

Image Credit: MoBeeGo

Have you experienced that sinking feeling when you look down and see the battery level hovering into the red zone indicating your mobile phone is about to die when you are nowhere near a plug point? Such situations will soon be a thing of the past for mobile phone users, with the introduction of MoBeeGo by NASDAQ-listed Life Clips Inc, an innovative one-time charger which does not require any pre-charging nor the use of cumbersome cords.

What is MoBeeGo?

MoBeeGo is brought in to Malaysia by Kelvin Hun and Edric Foong, the founders of Veloster Technology, a local company that specialises in cutting-edge devices and technological gadgets.

From L to R - Edric Foong, Business Development Director of MoBeeGo and Kelvin Hun, Managing Director of MoBeeGo
From L to R – Edric Foong, Business Development Director of MoBeeGo and Kelvin Hun, Managing Director of MoBeeGo

Described as an “energy drink” for mobile phones, MoBeeGo charger is designed with two elements. One is a re-usable ultra-compact adapter, which is suitable for Google Android and Apple iOs smartphones that connects to the phone’s charging outlet. The second element is the battery can (shaped to look like a can of an energy drink) or charging unit, which is mounted onto the adapter that attaches to the phone.

The charger removes the need to find the closest outlet to charge your mobile phones, and you no longer need to hibernate almost all apps to save battery. It is small and compact for convenient use, and can be easily stored in pockets, purses, backpacks and briefcases. Similar to an energy drink that keeps you going throughout the day, MoBeeGo can power a smart phone up to 4 hours* of usage. It has a 10-year shelf life, hence you can keep the batteries on hand even after prolonged storage. MoBeeGo is intended to offer convenience and safety, and to be an immediate solution to complement the busy lifestyle of today’s mobile consumers who often carry multiple devices at one go.

*This varies across phone models, and the intensity rate of phone usage and type of usage (i.e. navigation apps, phone calls, music, etc.)

Image Credit: MoBeeGo
Image Credit: MoBeeGo

Why MoBeeGo?

“With today’s busy lifestyle, we rely heavily on our mobile devices to keep us connected to the world around us. Whether we are searching for places to eat on our mobile or playing games during our commute, today’s mobile apps consume lot of power from your devices. The problem lies in trying to squeeze a full day’s worth of power into such mobile devices. Hence, MoBeeGo is designed with ease of use in mind and lets you charge instantly when you need it – anytime and anywhere,” said Hun.

The main highlight of how convenient MoBeeGo is to users is through its accessibility. You do not need to carry cans and cans of juice every time you headed out. Just have your adapter with you and proceed to any stores for a can!

Image Credit: MoBeeGo
Image Credit: MoBeeGo

Collaboration with

“We are thrilled to have as the first convenience retail chain for our award-winning charger. We look forward to expanding our distribution network to even more stores and new markets such as check-out counters in pharmacies, grocery stores, cafes, magazine kiosks, shopping malls, airports and other places where people shop in the near future. So the next time you are running low on battery, just grab a can from the stores, plug it in and go!” said Hun.

“Our partnership with MoBeeGo exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive and a wide selection of high quality convenience products to consumers. is a contemporary and friendly store with more than 200 outlets across Malaysia and we are excited to introduce MoBeeGo products at our easily accessible locations,” said Mr. Dang Tai Luk, Managing Director from

What else you need to know about MobeeGo?

MoBeeGo also supports a healthy environment by encouraging consumers to re-use the adapter and to recycle battery cans at an easily accessible point of sale. The charger is compliant with the CE and FCC standards, and its battery is compliant with UL standard for safety and battery quality. MobeeGo is currently sold in 14 countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, France and Russia.

The innovative one-time charger recently receives an Honourable Mention on the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design this year. The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany.

Image Credit: MoBeeGo
Image Credit: MoBeeGo

MoBeeGo is packaged as follows:-

MoBeeGo Single Shot – a reusable adapter and one battery can, which is priced at RM29 each. MoBeeGo Refill – a single battery can for people who already have the adapter, which is priced at RM10 each.
MoBeeGo Pack – consists of 6-battery cans, which is priced at RM55 each.

**All retail price is inclusive of 6% GST.

For more information, kindly visit or its official Facebook page getmobeego or its official Instagram page: @MoBeeGo_Malaysia