Singapore’s Top 10 Artisanal Beauty Brands

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Finely crafted goods are always a great investment, and this extends to the world of beauty products as well. Artisanal beauty brands tend to be a hit among consumers who prefer products that are more sustainable to the environment and have more natural and organic ingredients. Try out these awesome products made by these 10 Singapore’s Artisanal Beauty Brands.

1) Mantra Friday


Mantra Friday is keen on stripping products to their bare minimum – and this means using only the best and most natural ingredients, to have the tiniest negative impact on the environment. Skin nourishment here comes in the form of handmade soaps and body care products in “flavours” like Chocolate and Raspberry, with touches of natural oils like Argan or Moringa, or from the flowers and plants among us. You can order the products via their website, and postage is free for any orders within Singapore. | FB: mantrafriday | IG: @mantrafriday

2) Shophouse Sixtyfive


You don’t have to look very far to find inspiration, and Shophouse Sixtyfive is certainly aware of that. Sunny Singapore is represented loud and clear, from adorably named lip balms like “Sentosa Island” to “Kiss Me Kueh” lip scrubs, these are wonderful gifts/souvenirs that can give people an idea of the Singaporean way of life. Besides shopping via their website, their products are also stocked at various outlets throughout the island. | FB: shophousesixtyfive | IG: @shophousesixtyfive

3) Mmerci Encore


Since most people are bogged down with hectic schedules and busy days, it’s nice to go home to a little luxury, and this company certainly delivers that. Next time you’re stressed, you can have your own mini spa in the comfort of your own personal space. With organically made candles, pure essential oils and sugar scrubs in their arsenal, it’s all you’ll ever need to unwind. | FB: love.mmerciencore | IG: @mmerciencore

4) Rough Beauty


Browsing their online store, it may seem that their products are quite limited. The reason for this is they make their products in small quantities to preserve the quality. They are also in the midst of curating an apothecary for customers to be able to purchase natural products like essential oils and botanical ingredients. Right now though, you can shop for some of their organic soaps via their website, or at some stockists located throughout Singapore. | FB: roughbeauty | IG: @roughbeautys

5) Mint & Eve


Essential oils are more than just pleasing to the senses, they can actually be beneficial in other ways too. Mint & Eve believe that essential oils can be good as natural remedies and can overall help to improve ailments of the body, mind and spirit. Since 2012, Mint & Eve have been bringing aromatherapy to the masses, with their range of essential oils and other handmade products. What’s neat about their website is you can search for a product according to what issue you’re facing, and you will be redirected to an appropriate choice. | FB: MintandEve | IG: @mintandeve

6) MANDY T Handcrafted Skincare


In addition to crafting products made of 100% natural ingredients, MANDY T takes their sustainable efforts to the next level by ensuring their packaging is minimal and recyclable. They truly believe less is more, and this is reflected in the ingredients used to create their skincare. You’ll find body scrubs, bath salts and even scented candles. Gift cards are also available to purchase, if you’d like to give the gift of relaxation to someone you love. | FB: MANDY T handcrafted skincare

7) Handmade Heroes


Cosmetics don’t have to be laden with chemicals to be good. And in addition to being organic and naturally made, Handmade Heroes are also vegan and cruelty free, which means their products are not tested on animals. Check them out if you want to stock up on face masks, makeup remover and lip tints. A great choice for those who take pride in investing with brands that are socially and environmentally conscious. | FB: thehandmadeheroes | IG: @handmadeheroessg

8) Basic Theory


Basic Theory is here to remind everyone that even though we live in this fast-paced world, sometimes it’s good to slow things down a bit, and take in life’s pleasures. Their products are heavily researched before formulation begins, to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest of standards. With body and skincare products like polishes and masks and even products for use in the home, Basic Theory is showing Singaporeans one cool way to live with care. | FB: basictheorysg | IG: @basictheory_official

9) Katfood


Though the name might sound like it, this has nothing to do with cats or what they eat. In fact it’s more about loving your skin and crowning glory, as Katfood also has hair-care products in their product line. Most of their products contain coconut oil, which is known to be very beneficial for skin and hair. Their dry shampoo comes with a heavenly concoction of cocoa powder and lavender. The guys aren’t forgotten here too, bearded gents may just want to pick up some beard oil for themselves. | FB: ilovekatfood | IG: @ilovekatfood

10) Balm Kitchen


The Balm Kitchen’s founder is trained in Organic Skincare formulation, so you can be rest assured that their products will be specially formulated with care and with a great knowledge of natural skin care.  Also vegan and cruelty free, the Balm Kitchen ensure products are created in line with industry requirements for cosmetics. Another cool thing to note is the products have been created especially to suit those who live in tropical climates. In addition to face, skin and body products they also have a line of items safe for babies. | FB: balmkitchen | IG: @balmkitchen

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