Top 10 Cafes in Muar

Top 10 Cafes in Muar
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Mention the word “Muar”, this little town in Johor is synonymous with its famous local foods like otak-otak and mee bandung. But Muar is no slouch either when comes to its ever-growing cafe scene. And here, we have a list of Top 10 Cafes in Muar that come highly recommended.

1) Project Kaffeine Muar

Project Kaffeine Muar

Just from the aesthetic point of view alone, Project Kaffeine Muar’s glasshouse-style design with floor-to-ceiling windows and posh interior makes this rooftop cafe an Insta-worthy spot. And on top of that, the cafe has an outdoor seating area too. Menu-wise, expect delicious comfort foods like pasta, pizza and chicken chops. Or simply chill out with a cup of coffee and have a slice of cake (they have cheesecakes and mille crepes to choose from).

FB: projectkaffeine | IG: @projectkaffeine

2) CAFE 1988

CAFE 1988

The predominantly white interior, coupled with rattan chairs and plants dominated this cosy Cafe 1988 at Jalan Dato Haji Hassan. Have a sip of one of their speciality coffees or cool down with their refreshing cold brew tea, which is brewed over 12 hours using quality Oolong tea leaf. Don’t forget to try their homemade dessert, namely burnt cheesecake or chocolate molten cake. And if you are hungry, they have Japanese as well as Italian and Korean foods such as Japanese Kare and Signature Tomato Pasta.

FB: cafe1988 | IG: @cafe1988

3) The Pokémist by RSVP (Muar)

The Pokémist by RSVP (Muar)

The Pokémist by RSVP’s clutter-free and minimalist space certainly reflects the food they are selling here. And that food in question is healthy poke bowls, offering choices like Signature Salmon Bowl and Teriyaki Chicken Breast Bowl. You can mix and match your own bowl via DIY style and complete your meal with a glass of creamy Signature Avocado Milkshake.

FB: The-Pokémist-by-RSVP | IG:

4) Jenna Rose Designer Boutique . Coffee & Cakes

Jenna Rose Designer Boutique . Coffee & Cakes

Jenna Rose combines ladies’ fashion and cafe under one roof, where the former has a clothing boutique just right next to it. The cafe, in the meantime, covers a wide range of foods from pasta to tortilla wraps, thin-crust pizzas and gourmet burgers. They serve all-day brunch options too, namely English Brekkie and Assorted Sausage. Or try one of their honey toasts, where they offer assorted toppings like Honey Berries and Choco Banana. | FB: jennarosecafe | IG:

5) After Samp’s Cafe

After Samp's Cafe

After Samp’s Cafe covers varieties of desserts including sliced cakes (e.g. Almond Tiramisu, Green Tea Cheese and Opera, just to name a few) and others like waffles, crepes and soft-serve ice creams. Hungry? Fret not because they got you covered too with its wide range of fusion cuisines. Among their signature choices include Mushroom Risotto Rice, Beer Batter Fish and Chips and Samp’s Signature Pork Ribs.

FB: aftersamps | IG: @aftersamps

6) Coffee + Cream

Coffee + Cream

A good get-together spot, thanks to Coffee + Cream’s overall chillout vibe and not to mention its scrumptious array of shortcakes such as Hazelnut Chocolate Shortcake and Strawberry Shortcake. Or go for a slice of non-alcoholic Signature Tiramisu. Best paired with a cup of coffee or milk-based, non-coffee variety like Premium Chocolate and Chocolate Matcha.

FB: mycoffeeandcream | IG: @mycoffeeandcream

7) De Toast 朴实土司

De Toast 朴实土司

The name of the place says it all and here, you will find different types of sweet and savoury toasts. Among them includes Chicken Ham & Egg Cheesy Toastie and their signature Four Seasons Toast. The latter consists of four different flavours — kaya butter, peanut butter with chopped peanuts, otak-otak with cheese & chicken floss — served on a thick toast. De Toast may have been primarily known for its assorted toasts but they also serve familiar Asian favourites like Mee Siam, nasi lemak and dry noodles.

FB: DeToast | IG: @detoastmuar

8) Cafe Del Sol Muar

Cafe Del Sol Muar

Be it local or Western foods, Cafe Del Sol Muar offers plenty of them to try here. They specialise in nasi kukus (steamed rice) varieties, offering side dishes like Ayam Geprek and Ayam Geprek Crispy Cheese Mozzarella. Or if you prefer something hearty and fulfilling, they serve assorted chicken chops (e.g. sambal sauce, carbonara sauce) as well fish & chips and lamb chops. | FB: cafedelsol.muar | IG: @cafedelsolmuar

9) Touchwood Cafe

Touchwood Cafe

Beyond its cosy and comfortable interior in Touchwood Cafe, expect plenty of good food and coffee too. Hearty choices include pasta, noodle & rice dishes, pizza and sandwiches among others. Not to forget, their signature Big Breakfast consists of sausages, croissant, hash browns and more. Coffee lovers, in the meantime, can look forward to some aromatic java goodness since Touchwood Cafe brewed its coffee using the famous Kopi 434 coffee beans.

FB: touchwoodcafemuar | IG: @newtouchwood_cafe

10) Richiamo Coffee Muar

Richiamo Coffee Muar

From breakfast to dinner, Richiamo Coffee Muar has them all with its wide array of local and Western foods. Some of the must-orders include Nasi Daging Masak Lemak Cili Api and Spaghetti Carbonara. They have nice choices of hot & cold beverages too, covering cappuccinos to espressos, fruit-based smoothies and teas. Expect a cosy environment decked out with a minimalist interior and predominantly black walls. | FB: Richiamo.Muar | IG: @richiamo_muar

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