5 Tips To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea Every Single Time

5 Tips To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea Every Single Time

Brewing a cup of tea is simple. All you need to do is boil some water, and pour into a cup or mug with your teabag or loose tea leaves. You let it steep for a moment and enjoy your tea plain or sweeten it with the likes of milk, sugar or honey. But if you want to get the best out of it, check out these 5 Tips To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea Every Single Time.

1) The Type Of Water Matters

The type of water that you use to brew your tea can influence its flavour. Most of us would generally boil tap water in the kettle and frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the thing about tap water is that it has been treated with chlorine and if you insist on using it, make sure you fill the kettle with cold tap water. Of course, if possible, use filtered water when comes to brewing a perfect cup of tea. Here’s why: filtered water contains fewer impurities and other contaminants if to compare with regular tap water. Look for a good quality water filter, which not only makes your water taste better but also safer to drink. Some of the recommended water filters you can check out include Pansonic Water Purifier TK-CS20, Coway P071U Water Purifier or 3M Countertop Drinking Water System CTM-01 SE.

Perfect Tea Tip #1: Type Of Water Matters
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2) Never Reboil The Water

So, you just had a cup of tea a few hours ago and you want to make another one. Most people wouldn’t think twice to simply reboil the water, especially if we notice there is still plenty of water left. As convenient as it may sound, boiling the same water more than once can impact the flavour of your tea. In other words, you are left with a dull or flat taste. The reason? The reboiling process sucks out all the oxygen, resulting in the aforementioned bad taste profile. Put it this way, tea and oxygen are like a perfect match, where both of them are responsible for ensuring the flavour is properly infused.

Perfect Tea Tip #2: Never Reboil The Kettle
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3) The Water Temperature Is Just As Important

You might be thinking that pouring hot water immediately over a tea bag or loose tea leaves once your kettle is boiled would be normal and logical. The truth is, doing so can burn and scald the tea. Not to mention you won’t get to enjoy its maximum flavour released from the tea. Which is why it’s important to wait for a few minutes, preferably around 2-3 minutes before pouring the hot water.

Perfect Tea Tip #3: The Water Temperature Is Just As Important
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4) Know The Right Steeping Time

How you steep your tea in a cup of hot water can make or break the taste as you take your first sip. Unless, of course, if you don’t mind, say letting the tea bag sit in a cup of hot water until it’s cool enough to sip. But if you want to get the best out of your tea, here are the general guidelines based on the tea types:

  • Black – 3 minutes (tea bag) / 3-5 minutes (loose tea)
  • Red – 5 minutes (tea bag) / 5-7 minutes (loose tea)
  • Green – 1-2 minutes (tea bag) / 3 minutes (loose tea)
  • White – 1 minute (tea bag) / 1-3 minutes (loose tea)
  • Herbal – 5 minutes (tea bag) / 5-7 minutes (loose tea)
  • Oolong – 3-5 minutes (tea bag) / 5 minutes (loose tea)

Otherwise, simply follow the brewing instructions printed on a box or packet of tea. Also, remember this: If you steep your tea too long, it releases tannins, which would give you an astringent taste. However, if you steep your tea too short, you are basically giving it insufficient time to release its flavour.

Perfect Tea Tip #4: Know The Right Steeping Time
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5) How You Add Milk Matters Too

While you can drink your tea as it is, most of us would prefer adding milk to boost the flavour. But the way you add milk into a cup of tea can determine the taste and flavour. If you have the habit of adding milk immediately while your tea is still infusing, you won’t be getting the best brew. Instead, allow the tea to infuse properly or at least until it fulfils your preferred taste and strength before you start adding milk.

Perfect Tea Tip #5: How You Add Milk Matters Too
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