10 Brilliant Uses You Can Do With A Bread Tag

10 Brilliant Uses You Can Do With A Bread Tag

When you buy a loaf of bread in a bakery or supermarket, you would normally come across one of two little objects that hold and tie the top part of the plastic bread bag. One of them happens to be a twist tie and the other one, of course, is a bread tag made from the plastic material. Also known as a bread clip, this little plastic tag is typically printed with both price and expiry date. You probably wouldn’t give a second thought about recycling the bread tag after you finish the bread. But before you throw it in your trash, here are the 10 Brilliant Uses You Can Do With A Bread Tag.

1) Say Goodbye To Tangled Headphones

Nobody enjoys the sight of tangled headphones. It’s annoying and it’s frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry to untangle the wires so you can listen to a brand new song you’ve been waiting for. This is where a bread tag comes to the rescue. Simply roll the wires and clip them all together with a bread tag.

Bread Tag Hack #1: Tangled Headphones
Image Credit: @QueenieBee16

2) Label Your Wires

If you rely heavily on an extension cord to plug in various electronics and electrical devices such as laptop, monitor, fan and phone charger, using bread tags might come in handy. That way you won’t forget which wire belongs to which. Simply write them down with a marker pen and clip each wire with bread tags accordingly. No more second-guessing in the future!

Bread Tag Hack #2: Label Your Wires
Image Credit: answers.com

3) Use It As A Marker For Your Adhesive Tape

Ever encounter a situation where you would spend time trying to find the end of an adhesive tape? If this sounds familiar to you, there’s an easier way to prevent this from happening again. All you need to do is that the next time you find the end of the tape, simply mark it with a bread clip.

Bread Tag Hack #3: Tape Marker
Image Credit: @fandmplumbing

4) Temporary Fix For Flip-Flops

It’s safe to say that everyone owns a pair of flip-flops. They might get a bad rep for being unsuitable to wear all day long. And yet, it’s hard to deny how convenient they are. However, what if, say, the thong has broken? Try this simple hack: Grab a bread tag and attach it onto the bottom of your flip-flops to hold everything in place. Mind you that this is only a temporary solution. The bread tag trick would last for a while until you get a new pair.

Bread Tag Hack #4: Fix Flip-Flops Temporarily
Image Credit: @eblassen

5) Use It As A Bookmark

Unless you can finish reading the entire book in one sitting, chances are you have to stop at some point. You can choose to fold part of the page that you have stop reading halfway or use a bookmark. Even if you do not have the latter, you can use a bread tag to clip on the top of the page and close the book.

Bread Tag Hack #5: Use It As A Bookmark
Image Credit: daily-goals.com

6) Organise & Label Your Spare Keys

Got a bunch of spare keys with you? Sometimes it’s hard to remember which key belongs to which door or padlock. And if you tend to be forgetful, there’s an easy solution: Simply label the bread tag(s) using a marker pen and clip them between the holes of the keys or the key rings.

Bread Tag Hack #6: Organise & Label Your Spare Keys
Image Credit: onecrazyhouse.com

7) Hold Rubber Bands Together

If you have lots of rubber bands lying around, you can get them properly organised by using this simple trick. Arrange all the rubber bands and clip them together with a bread tag. No more tangling mess of rubber bands!

Bread Tag Hack #7: Rubber Band Holder
Image Credit: onecrazyhouse.com

8) Temporary Substitute For A Guitar Pick

Accidentally misplaced your guitar pick? Before you rush out to the nearest music store, why not make use of a bread tag as a temporary backup solution? It may sound unconventional but at least it’s better than nothing at all. Just hold the bread tag, with its flat end facing against the guitar strings and start strumming away.

Bread Tag Hack #8: Use It As A Guitar Pick
Image Credit: helloitgemma.wordpress.com

9) Clip Your Socks Together

It happens to (all) of us: losing one side of the sock. And yet, the other one is not missing. Fortunately, you can solve this “mystery” by using a bread tag. That is, the next time you manage to locate your missing sock, clip the pair altogether at the top with a bread tag before you arrange them in the sock drawer.

Bread Tag Hack #9: Clip Your Socks Together
Image Credit: @renewyourspace

10) Make Art With Bread Tags

Bread tags typically come in different colours. You can recycle them, say for making various types of arts. It could be anything from creating a mosaic to using them as part of your collage. The possibilities are endless!

Bread Tag Hack #10: Make Art
Image Credit: choices4children.blogspot.com