Miss Shortcakes Bakes The Best Cakes That Are Pretty & Yummy

Miss Shortcakes
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Rumour has it that we all have an extra stomach just for dessert, especially the ladies! And one common, popular dessert is none other than cake. Think about it: there are so many types of cakes that span a wide variety of tastes and flavours, and they can even be made into works of art when circumstances call for it! For absolutely amazing cakes that look good and taste even better, look no further than Miss Shortcakes!

About Miss Shortcakes

Miss Shortcakes is a specialist in custom cakes and retail cakes on-the-go. They are also a cafe supplier, and most recently, a doughnut specialist. The founder, Jessica, was once working long hours as a pastry chef in Sydney, and decided she needed something more realistic for the long term. She then signed up for a few night courses in Cake Decorating. One day, she got an opportunity to work as a Cake Decorator in an Italian cake shop, with much better work conditions. She decided to go for it, and she was offered the job immediately as a full-time staff! Two years after that, she landed a contract with a beach-side wedding reception venue, becoming their official wedding cake maker. That was the start of Miss Shortcakes, launched in Sydney, 2008.

Beautiful purple 9-tiered cake
Image Credit: Miss Shortcakes

All Paths Lead To Cake

Jessica has always been obsessed with the F&B industry since she was 11, always helping out her mum and aunties in the kitchen with food preparation. She dabbled briefly in the marketing and advertising industry, but she came to realise that wasn’t what she loved best. There was a time when she was going from job to job in the F&B industry, and her uncle stepped in to ask what it is she really wanted. With confidence this time, she replied, “I want to be a chef.” Her uncle owned a hotel in Seremban, and she went there to work in the pastry kitchen for experience. The Assistant Pastry Chef showed her everything, and that was that. She set off to the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Sydney, which her uncle kindly funded under certain conditions. Upon graduation with distinction, she stayed on in Sydney for 13 years.

Alice in Wonderland cake
Image Credit: Miss Shortcakes

Tell Them What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Miss Shortcakes takes pride in their custom cakes, as they can make almost anything you want into a cake. You can be as specific as you like, down to how straight you want a line to be, and they’ll deliver! They also pride themselves on attention to detail, but it’s not just all about looks. Sure, their cakes are a wonderful sight to behold, and they also taste just as well! Basically, you come up with the ideas, and Miss Shortcakes transforms them into a cake for you. The team at Miss Shortcakes is dedicated, and they love the industry as much as Jessica does herself. If you’re a person who appreciates fine detail, you’ll definitely enjoy Miss Shortcakes’ products!

Gold and white tiered cake
Image Credit: Miss Shortcakes

Rising To The Occasion

At Miss Shortcakes, they actually get a number of last-minute orders, which is a challenge for them. Jessica doesn’t really like to rush her artwork, but orders are orders and she does them beautifully nevertheless. In 2009, Miss Shortcakes was voted Number 2 in New South Wales, Australia, for Cake Design by the Australian Bridal Industry. Miss Shortcakes was also voted Number 1 on our lists: Top 10 Cake Specialists in Malaysia & Top 10 Cake Bakers in KL & Selangor. To date, they have created large 9 tiered wedding cakes for high profile weddings, and also 5 tier birthday cakes for royal families, as well as creating the KL Tower Head on a massive scale which probably weighed in at 40 kg! After Covid-19 blows over, they have plans to expand, so stay tuned!

Tiered cake
Image Credit: Miss Shortcakes

“Make your own magic.” – Miss Shortcakes.

Jessica also has a short message: To everyone who has supported Miss Shortcakes over the past 12 years, thank you from the bottom of my heart! My family, my son, my friends, my customers, my fans all over the world… you all mean the world to me! I am eternally grateful!

For magical, mouth-watering cakes, visit miss-shortcakes.com!