Malaysia’s Top 10 Cake Specialists

Malaysia's Top 10 Cake Specialists
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Today, decorated cakes are often used to celebrate all sorts of events and milestones. For example, birthdays, along with weddings, usually aren’t complete without a decorated cake. Other events, like retirements, graduations, and new additions can also be celebrated with a decorated cake. However to turn a simple cake into a mountain of confectionery perfection is not a simple task. It requires extensive amount of passion, skill and creativity. The cake makers should also have an eye for little details. We are blessed to have these Malaysia’s Top 10 Cake Specialists who make cakes look as good as they taste. Let’s find out who they are!

1) Miss Shortcakes


As a food lover, a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary, a chef, a pastry chef, and today a professional cake decorator, Jessica Ting is the founder of Miss Shortcakes and the journey to be where she is today is the result of her hard work, passion, and talent. While other little girls her age were dressing Barbie dolls, Jessica was already decorating cupcakes in her mum’s kitchen. Miss Shortcakes today is recognised by many as the crème de la crème of the cake-making arena and has grasped the fanciful skill of making them look   fantastic for all occasions. | FB: MsShortcakes | IG: @missshortcakes 

2) In the Clouds Cakes


Committed to 3 important standards—Quality, Taste & Convenience—In the Clouds Cakes specialises in custom designer cakes made to suit your theme, budget and flavour. Each designer cake is personally made with care and love by Head Cake Artist, Melissa Wong. Although her skills were self-thought with no professional training, Melissa’s attention to detail, passion for the art and precise work has made In the Clouds Cakes one of the most sought after custom design cake houses. In the Clouds Cakes also has an extensive menu that includes a variety of desserts, gourmet cupcakes, cake balls, cake pops, and cookies. | FB: InTheCloudsCakes | IG: @melissa_inthecloudscakes

3) Delectable by Su


A graduate of the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Florida, USA, Huen Su Yin of Delectable by Su made a name for herself as one of the appreciate trendsetters in cakes customisation. A cake, to Su, is more than just ‘dessert’; it should be the centrepiece of an event that will leave your guests raving for months. With this belief, Su throws in key ingredients such as fun, creativity, spontaneity and passion into every cake, cupcake, brownie and pastry that she makes. No surprise then that Su’s cakes are not just elegant-looking but delectable too. | FB: delectablebysu | IG: @delectablebysu

4) Pauline Bakes The Cake


While Pauline’s talent for baking was discovered in the later part of her life, she is now a cake specialist, perfectionist, sugar artist, and backbone of Pauline Bakes the Cake.  Pauline spent 11 years working in the banking/IT industry and eventually picked up cake-making on her own in 2007 and started to get serious at the end of 2009. Pauline then completed the PME (U.K) Professional Diploma in Sugarpaste, Royal Icing and Sugar Flowers, and was awarded the PME (U.K) Masters Certificate in 2011. Today, Pauline prides herself as a professional cake artist while living with RSDS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome) in her right hand. | FB: paulinecakes | IG: @paulineplsoo

5) Gateauxlicious


Gateau (or Gateaux in plural) is defined as a rich cake, typically one containing layers of cream or fruit. Gateauxlicious (pronounced as “ɡa-to-li-cious”) is driven by a mother-daughter duo, Jay and Asma’ who are dedicated to creating you your very own custom-made cake for your special event. While Asma’ conceptualises each cake design to tailor to your celebration, Jay focuses on crafting the finest sugar flowers and perfecting the little details. Their love for all things fine ensures that each cake is given as much thought and attention, as they both appreciate the attention to detail. | FB: Gateauxlicious | IG: @gateauxlicious

6) TeaRoom by Bel Jee


Founded and powered by Belinda Jee (aka Bel Jee), TeaRoom prides itself as the cake specialist who can make any dream come true in cake form. With one of the widest range of designs in their pocket, Bel Jee has vast experience in making any design possible. You name it, TeaRoom by Bel Jee makes it. Besides fondant cakes, TeaRoom also specialises in cupcakes which equally could be painted with imagination. They charge a reasonable price for their cakes, so just throw any wild idea that you have to them and prepare to be amazed. Do check out their website for more design ideas. | FB: TeaRoombybeljee | IG: @beljee

7) Tigrelily Cakes


Specialising in decorative all-occasion cakes using buttercream and fondant, Tigrelily Cakes caters to your every cake wish. Taking up the challenge of making customers’ dream cake come true, the talented fine arts graduate, Liyana Osman, has since produced many stunning cakes that add colours to her customers’ events. We personally like their Ice Kacang Cake which requires distinctive creativity and attention to detail. If you are looking to place your cake order with Tigrelily, remember to approach them minimum 1 week in advance! Depending on the size, flavours and complexity of design, the price may vary. Do visit their page for more inspiration!

FB: TigrelilyCakes | IG: @tigrelilycakes

8) Heavenly Cake Creations by Angeline Stanley


Each time Angeline Stanley bakes, she embraces the challenge of creating something special, unique, a piece of art, and a masterpiece. With the founder’s persistency, you can be rest assured of something exceptional whenever you order with Heavenly Cake Creations. Over the years, Heavenly Cake Creations has served many happy clients. Making great cakes require lots of patience and practice, a sincere passion, and love for cake-decorating. Angeline is also a certified teacher of the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating and she helps students acquire the skills to bake terrific cakes and artistically decorate them for any occasion. | FB: Heavenly Cake Creations by Angeline Stanley | IG: @angeline.stanley

9) Shyieda Gateaux Homemade


Focusing on novelty designs, 3D and icing sculptures, Shyieda Gateaux proves that the art of producing good cakes can be done from home. Operating in Malacca with a home set up, Shiyeda Gateaux is a self-inspired cake specialist who caters mainly to weddings, birthdays and other type of celebrations. Shiyeda Gateaux also makes cake toppers. While they only bake to order, do give them 4 to 5 weeks’ notice for cakes. For weddings, a sample taster can be made available on request. Browse through Shyieda’s cake gallery to see some of their previous work. | FB: shyiedagateaux | IG: @shyiedaaries08

10) Thecupcakecrazy


Founded by two beautiful ladies, Hanefylia and Eyzza Yunos, Thecupcakecrazy caters to your every cake wish. The ladies bake every cakes with high-quality baking ingredients and baking essentials to make sure their pastries stand out for their superior flavour and quality. They specialise in baking cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pastry bites and special desserts, from basics to classics with a twist. While they only bake to order, do give them 10 days’ advance notice for your order.

FB: Thecupcakecrazy | IG: @ thecupcakecrazy

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