6 Places To Enjoy Matcha Desserts In Klang Valley

6 Places To Enjoy Matcha Desserts in Klang Valley

Gone are the days where matcha is most commonly associated with tea beverages. While matcha beverages remains a mainstay in menus, you can also find cafes and speciality shops offering matcha-based desserts in the form of soft serves, cakes, parfaits and shaved ice. So, in case you are looking for some matcha goodness, check out these 6 Places To Enjoy Matcha Desserts in Klang Valley.

1) 108 Matcha Saro @ Suria KLCC

Hailing all the way from Asahikawa, Hokkaido, 108 Matcha Saro isn’t just your average matcha dessert parlour. Get this: their range of high-quality matcha desserts are made from Kyoto Uji Matcha and other premium ingredients. And speaking of range, their menu consists of everything matcha from soft serve and obanyaki (Japanese stuffed pancake with sweet filling) to latte and warabi mochi. Don’t forget to try their signature parfaits as well, notably the Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe — a combination of white mochi, red bean paste, matcha & brown sugar jellies and warabi mochi topped with creamy matcha soft serve.

Hojicha with Green Tea Parfait from 108 Matcha Saro
Image Credit: @one.just.you

2) Maccha Iki @ EkoCheras Mall & Pandan Indah

A haven for all things matcha, Maccha Iki prides itself in using only 100% high-quality Japanese imported matcha powder for their dessert varieties. Matcha lovers can look forward to scrumptious treats like soft-serve, cakes, mille crepes, mochis as well as hot and cold beverages.

Green Storm from Maccha Iki
Image Credit: @etoilestarz

3) P.S. Tokyo @ EkoCheras Mall

P.S. Tokyo specialises in matcha-based beverages and desserts, with the latter including their signature Japanese soft-serve ice creams. Cool down with their highly-recommended creamy matcha or hojicha soft serve, where you can have it in a cone, cup or parfait-style. Their soft serve itself contains none of the premix or milk replacement whatsoever. They even source their high-quality matcha and hojicha ingredients directly from Uji, Kyoto.

Hojicha and Matcha Soft Serves from P.S. Tokyo
Image Credit: @itzme_zack

4) Tsujiri @ Damansara Utama & Lot 10

First initiated by Riemon Tsuji, the centuries-old Tsujiri has already been long established in Uji, Kyoto since 1860. Today, his acclaimed Japanese tea brand has successfully expanded into the international market and among them happens to be their first Malaysia branch in Damansara Utama. Apart from offering their signature matcha tea, Tsujiri also sells high-quality matcha-based desserts like chiffon/roll cakes, ice creams and parfaits.

Tsujiri's Parfait & Shaved Ice Selections
Image Credit: @blinkhme

5) Oh Cha Matcha @ TTDI

Although Oh Cha Matcha is only less than a year old since its launch earlier this year, they have already gained a loyal following for their high-quality matcha beverages. Matcha lovers can expect all-time classic favourites like Matcha Latte and Hojicha Latte, both of which are either served hot or iced. Or perhaps challenge your taste buds with their unique matcha concoctions, namely “Bentong Ginger, Turmeric, Matcha” and even fruity-based matcha series mixed with watermelon, orange or mango. They offer desserts as well, with matcha-based burnt cheesecakes and soft serves on charcoal cones. For the latter, you can even have the best of both worlds with Oh Cha Matcha’s two-flavour combo. This includes Matcha & Purple Sweet Potato as well as the recent limited-edition Cocoa Matcha.

Matcha with Purple Sweet Potato Soft Serve from Oh Cha Matcha
Image Credit: @ohchamatcha.kl

6) Niko Neko Matcha @ Bangsar

Niko Neko Matcha’s predominantly white and minimalist décor clearly reflects the brand’s integrity. And that is producing no-frills, high-quality matcha products regardless of drinks and desserts. You can either choose your tea base (e.g. Ren, Kiku or Tsubaki) and have it concocted into a latte or tea or go for their unique Matcha Mocktails (among them is “Budak Melaka”, a milk-based Yuri matcha drink with Gula Melaka syrup and dehydrated coconut shreds). And while you are at it, don’t forget to pair your favourite drink with one of their desserts such as the matcha-based white chocolate cookies or cheesecake.

Hojicha Croissant & Matcha Tres Leches from Niko Neko Matcha
Image Credit: @food.raeservation

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