Get Your Brow Game On Point With Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy

Image Credit: Crissbrow Embroidery Academy & Art

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains that frame them. Eyebrows, just like us, come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some of us have full brows, some of us sparse. The eyebrows are actually pretty important to accentuate the whole face, and nicely groomed brows can make a huge difference. Whatever your brow situation, or especially if you have sparse brows and are really tired of drawing on your brows everyday, count on Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy to give you perfect brows!

About Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy

Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy provides semi-permanent embroidery services, including their Signature Mist Brow, Korea Inner Eyeliner, Lip Blush and Japanese Eyelash Extension. Prior to their launch in 2016, the team at Crissbrow spent two years preparing themselves, before finally finding the right place to kickstart their business. Founder Chris has been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for more than 15 years, being a General Manager at a well-known aesthetic clinic before launching Crissbrow. At Crissbrow, their team comprises of a bunch of energetic, passionate young adults who share the same goal.

Image Credit: Crissbrow Embroidery Academy & Art

The Power Of Eyebrows

Crissbrow believes that a good pair of brows enhances and accentuates the rest of the facial features, bringing out the best by creating facial symmetry. Their Signature Mist Brow is soft and natural, which looks like a light layer of makeup, but more appealing. Best of all, the Signature Mist Brow is suitable for all ages, helping one look more refreshed, sharp and refined. It is also said that one looks younger after getting going for their Signature Mist Brow as well! As many place importance on a good pair of brows, Crissbrow hopes to help more people regain their self-confidence by providing the perfect brow makeover. But it’s not just those with sparse brows who should get their brows done! Even with full brows, their natural shape might not be the best for your face, so they help shape your brows to present you in the best light!

Image Credit: Crissbrow Embroidery Academy & Art

More Than Makeup; It’s An Investment

It’s clear that Crissbrow takes eyebrows seriously. Their director and team members have attended various professional courses for eyebrow embroidery internationally, in many different countries. As such, they have gathered plenty of knowledge, experience and techniques. Armed with all these, they combine and blend those techniques and tips to create their very own unique technique. Besides spending time always upgrading themselves, they also take great care in sourcing for materials. They use premium materials, and pigment colours are world-class. Eyebrow embroidery is not just makeup; it’s an investment, and it has to be the best! With this intention, Crissbrow aims to provide the best service, coupled with high-quality products and results.

Expanding & Educating

Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy has grand plans, as they hope to have an outlet each in the main states of Malaysia. Currently, they’re working on training more proficient artists. As its name suggests, Crissbrow is also an academy, where they provide professional courses. Today, they have had more than 150 students enrolled, and some of them have gone on to found brands of their own. To date, Crissbrow has attended to more than 6,000 customers worldwide, and they have also been appointed as the Headquarters of IFBC Korea International in Malaysia. They are also one of the biggest organisers for beauty events in Korea, working alongside Korea’s officials. Interested to get your brows done? Do take note that slots need to be pre-booked two weeks in advance for weekdays, and six weeks in advance for weekends, so hurry and book your slot now!

“We believe in giving before receiving. Don’t waste too much time to focus on maximising your profits. Spend more time on your service quality and your customer’s experience. Their words are your best harvest.” – Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy

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