8 Assorted Eggnog Cocktails You Can Make at Home This Christmas

8 Assorted Eggnog Cocktails You Can Make at Home This Christmas
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When comes to an eggnog that serves during Christmas, you either love it or hate it. The latter is especially true if you hate the idea of adding egg yolks into a drink. It may be an acquired taste for (some) people too. The taste of eggnog can be best described as sweet, rich and creamy with added spices and a dash of booze, where the latter can be either rum or brandy. You may use bourbon or whiskey too. An eggnog recipe usually consists of egg yolks, heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, alcohol and grated nutmeg/cinnamon.

So, if you are thinking of whipping up something different than the typical eggnog, why not make it a cocktail for a change? Below are the list of 8 assorted eggnog cocktails you can make at home this Christmas.

1) Chocolate Eggnog

It’s the best of both worlds — a classic eggnog with the richness of chocolate. Now, that’s a match made in heaven. You only need a few ingredients to whip this up and you’re good to go!

Ingredients: Eggnog, bourbon/rum/brandy, dark chocolate (chopped) & unsweetened cocoa powder.

Chocolate Eggnog
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2) White Christmas Cocktail

[Are you] dreaming of a white Christmas? If so, you may try this delicious recipe. It’s a combination of eggnog with white chocolate liqueur and the smoky sweetness of Southern Comfort whiskey. Perfect for those who prefer their eggnog with some distinctly milky white chocolate and fruity mouthfeel.

Ingredients: Eggnog, Southern Comfort & white chocolate liqueur. You can add shaved chocolates or chocolate flakes on top for garnish (optional).

White Chocolate Cocktail
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3) Kahlua & Eggnog

Just like the name suggests and yes, it’s a mixture of Kahlua and eggnog. Plain and simple. But the taste is a different story altogether — sweet and milky with the bittersweet taste of the coffee, butter and spiced Kahlua goodness.

Ingredients: Eggnog, whipped cream, Kahlua & ground nutmeg.

Kahlua & Eggnog
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4) Pumpkin Eggnog with Bourbon

If you like pumpkins, this is for you. It makes the bourbon-spiked eggnog drink tastes creamier. It is all made possible with the added ingredient itself: pumpkin puree. Topped with some grated nutmeg, it’s a unique eggnog drink worth putting together.

Ingredients: Eggnog, salt, vanilla extract, bourbon/dark rum, pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground cloves & grated nutmeg (for garnish).

Pumpkin Eggnog with Bourbon
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5) Eggnog Martini

Two classics in one: eggnog and martini. For the latter, instead of the usual vodka, this holiday recipe calls for vanilla-flavoured vodka. A dry vermouth is typically used as the main second ingredient for a martini. But to give this eggnog martini an added nutty and sweet flavour, a sweet almond-flavoured amaretto liqueur will be used here.

Ingredients: Eggnog, vanilla-flavoured vodka, amaretto liqueur & grated nutmeg (for garnish).

Eggnog Martini
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6) Eggnog White Russian

Making a White Russian cocktail is as easy as combining these three classic ingredients: vodka, Kahlua and cream. Now, combine this creamy and bittersweet drink with eggnog. And what you have here is a velvety-smooth and spiced concoction that brings the whole thing to the next level.

Ingredients: Eggnog, vodka, Kahlua & grated nutmeg (for garnish).

Eggnog White Russian
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7) Coquito

Here’s something tropical, Puerto Rican style. And lots of coconut flavour to elevate the creaminess of Coquito mixed with eggnog. The coconut in question includes coconut cream and coconut milk. There’s a sweetened condensed milk added in and of course, some rum.

Ingredients: Eggnog, coconut cream, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, rum, vanilla extract, grated cinnamon & cloves.

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8) Rompope

Not “rom-pope” but pronounced as “rohm-poh-peh”. This drink is also refers as Mexican eggnog. It’s sweet and creamy with warming spices from grated cinnamon and whole cloves. Not to mention the richness from the egg yolks and the boozy kick of rum elevates this Mexican eggnog altogether.

Ingredients: Eggnog, whole cloves, rum, vanilla extract, kosher salt, grated cinnamon & cinnamon stick (optional).

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