8 Things We Miss The Most While Going Through The Pandemic

And just like that, we’re almost at the end of the year, with 2020 passing us by in a blur more than usual. With long periods of lockdown and stay-at-home orders, it certainly does feel like the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees, and that we’ve missed out on things known as “normal”. While we do our best to stay at home and curb the spread, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at 8 things we miss the most while going through the pandemic.

1) Travelling

First off the list, to no one’s surprise, is travelling. Most, if not all, countries had or still continue to have their borders closed, and international travel especially is still pretty much a no for fear of contagion. Certain places allow local and/or restricted travel, but let’s be real, everyone misses travelling without restrictions, visiting unknown places and going on a holiday. Also, it’s safe to assume we all really need a holiday from 2020 itself.

2) Dining Out

Let’s talk about something a little closer to home. Our own MCO sent Malaysians into a flurry of cooking and ordering online, which was kind of novel and interesting at first, but also super tiring if you were to cook every single day. Even till today, dining out is still discouraged, and that’s something we sorely miss. We Malaysians tend to bond, hang out and catch up over meals, and that has been taken away from us during the pandemic.

Image Credit: Guinness

3) Having Options For The Small Things

The pandemic has thrown several things off course, and sometimes it isn’t the big things like travelling we miss the most. It’s the most mundane, daily things we miss. Like simply going out to pick something up from a mart, getting a haircut, or maybe a facial and manicure. Sometimes it’s the small things that make up our lives the most, and when the option to engage in these mundane activities is gone, we feel its loss more acutely.

4) Concerts/Festivals/Events

With all the social distancing measures and encouragement of physical contact, it’s no wonder that events were one of the first things to be shut down. Depending on context, certain events are still allowed, but concerts and festivals where people are usually squashed up against each other? Definitely a no. Even sporting events such as basketball and football had to be cancelled, not to mention the Olympics that was supposed to take place this year. We’re practically mourning the loss of entertainment on a great scale.

5) Face-to-face Interactions

Sure, technology is great and everything, allowing us to bridge the gap between people through text, voice and video, but nothing beats authentic face-to-face interaction. All the video calls in the world could never replace face-to-face interaction. This includes not only bonding time with loved ones, but also for professional and educational purposes. While great as a supplement, technology is still no match for real-life interactions.

6) Freedom In General

With the pandemic comes a new set of rules and regulations, and though we know at our very core it’s for the greater good, we can’t help but chafe under these new rules sometimes. There are the SOPs to adhere to when out and about, and depending on location and current situation, different laws to follow. Just heading out on a whim seems like a thing in the (very far away) past.

7) The Office

There are two teams here: team WFH and team Go-to-the-Office. While we can’t deny the fact that working from home is infinitely more convenient, there could be certain obstacles as well. Parents may have to juggle between working and keeping an eye on the kids, or there could be distractions in the form of pets or chores. As such, some office workers may find the office more productive to get work done.

8) A Social Life

Last but not least, the pandemic has really put a damper on our social life. Going out for drinks or even just a teh o ais limau at the mamak is practically impossible, and we miss those hangouts dearly. The best we can do is just stay at home, help curb the spread, and hope for better times ahead. That said, all is not totally lost! While many of us are unable to step out to socialise or unwind, we can still make good use of technology and utilise video-calling apps! To shake things up a little, why not also play the virtual pub quiz by Guinness? Fun and games will help lighten the mood, and this virtual hangout session is best paired with some ice-cold Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (GFES)!

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For safety purposes, remember to adhere to all social distancing SOPs, and don’t drink and drive! Stay safe, everyone!

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