Earn Second Income While You Drive With Moola

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It is undeniable that times have become increasingly tough. In April 2017, Malaysia recorded the highest inflation rate of over 8 years (source). However, we can only dream of our salaries following suit with the inflation rate. While politicians may been suggesting to take on multiple jobs to cope with the rising costs, we have an alternative solution. Moola is probably the easiest way to make money passively. It lets you earn a second income while you continue to do what you do daily – driving.

About Moola

Moola is an advertising platform that merges the power of traditional advertising with the effectiveness of digital advertising. It matches drivers with brands to form effective on-vehicle advertising. This allows drivers to earn while they drive and brands to smartly advertise outdoors. They do that by slapping a billboard onto cars. Therefore, drivers earn a passive income while enabling brands to advertise at an amazing economic value.

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Being A Moola Driver

While there is no free lunch (Moola is pretty darn close), they allows drivers to earn while continuing with their daily drives. Here is what it takes to be a Moola driver (hint: it does not require much):

  • A valid Driver’s license.
  • Clean driving record
  • Own a car in good condition with Factory Finish Paint Job (Factory finish paint job condition is a condition where your vehicle’s paint job is clean and either with good, original factory painted surface or its equivalent.)
  • Drive frequently
  • A smartphone (Android or iPhone) with a data plan. They take up very little data, usually no more than 50Mb per month.

The amount you can expect to earn a month varies depending on campaign and various factors. However, we recommend that you send your enquiry to them directly to find out how much you can earn!

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How Does It Work?

The journey to earning additional passive incomes are only a few steps away:

  1. Sign up via web https://www.moola.com.my or download the app
  2. Apply and Qualify For a Campaign
  3. Start Advertising and Earning – Get your sticker installed at one of their certified installation centres and do what you’re already doing. Drive!

The amount earned will be calculated at the end of the month and deposited directly into your bank account. It is THAT SIMPLE!

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The Moola Difference

While there has been a lot of hype about being Uber or Grab drivers, it’s a different product and offering. Ride-hailing drivers are very much dependent on a passenger’s destination. Moola drivers are not subjected to such requirements. Once drivers provide their profile, they will select drivers based on their profile (ie. Location, interests) and match them with the right campaigns. They use a revolutionary platform to connect brands with drivers, leading to a mutually advantageous relationship between the two parties. Sign up today and start earning your second income!

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“We believe in improving the lives of our drivers, while allowing brands to grow their businesses through an innovative and economical means.”

– Moola

Start earning passive income by driving today: