Vault Fine Jewellery Will Make Heads Turn At Your Bling

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When it comes to special moments, it only seems fit to accessorise according to the occasion. In every celebration of the union of a couple, there is a love story behind that is unlike any other. Hence, it makes perfect sense that the couple owns a ring that is truly unique which matches their personality. While classic designs never die with time, how about unleashing your creativity and wear your heart on your hands instead? Vault Fine Jewellery, with their expertise, will assist you on this customisation journey.

About Vault Fine Jewellery

Vault Fine Jewellery’s primary focus is on bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands. The founder is an avid gemstone collector who is constantly widening her inventory of gemstones and diamonds. This will also allow clients to have a wider selection and ideas to look out for when they visit. Many young couples are looking for something unconventional from design and material to the crafting techniques. Additionally, many are first time jewellery owners and it is always interesting to explain to them the different possibilities. At the same time, conversation can help Vault Fine Jewellery better understand their taste.

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A Piece Unlike Any Other

The business is a marriage between contemporary and tradition. They are constantly looking for new possibilities while retaining traditions of this trade, be it the symbolic reason behind each piece or the usage of materials. Vault Fine Jewellery accepts endless possibilities and ideas. Furthermore, they also offer materials that are less common in the market. Each project is a fresh opportunity; not only do they consider what the client desires to achieve, but also the design and materials themselves. They utilise various approaches even for simple designs. The founder’s wish is to incorporate a personal touch into each piece.

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Finding True Passion in Sparkles

The founder majored in jewellery design back in NAFA where she was taught the skill of silversmith as well as other fundamentals. She then proceeded to do her degree in 3D Design. The transition from jewellery to 3D made her realize that her passion for jewellery is somewhat inbuilt. She worked in a luxury jewellery boutique before deciding to start doing it herself by renting a co-share office space just to discuss ideas with clients. In 2017, she started a shop front at the current location to allow for a more comprehensive, wider range of collection for clients.

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More Than Meets The Eye

“Details matter” has become their mantra as even the slightest element can make a huge difference. They work with master craftsmen to explore various crafting methods and for intricate pieces that requires really fine workmanship. Jewellery is not something that everyone will learn to appreciate. Hence, minor achievements such as getting clients more interested in and aware of jewellery in general is a great achievement. Their aim is to deliver service that is entirely comfortable and personalized for each client.

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“When it comes to business, I always put my client’s interest first. I hope to forge friendships rather than having it purely transactional. At the end of the day, in the trade of jewellery, trust is a very important to build a strong foundation. Never shortchange clients and always give your best.”

– Vault FINE Jewellery

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