Why Tiger Crystal Is The Ultimate Refreshment For Our Hot, Sunny Days

Image Credits: Tiger Malaysia

Imagine this. You’re having a barbecue outdoors with your loved ones, trying to enjoy the moment but the heat gets at you. Or maybe, you’re attempting to relax by the pool, but even with an umbrella casting shade over you, the heat is still stifling. Or you’re simply enjoying the outdoors but the sun gets in the way. That’s Malaysia for you!

Not to mention, the long list of our favourite spicy food further cranking up the heat. Is there no break at all from our hot, sunny weather?

Made Crystal Cold

Sure, a regular beer’s good and reliable, but what if you could kick up the refreshment and coldness a notch? That’s what Tiger Crystal is: filtered at a crystal cold temperature of -1°C, this process locks in the best flavours and aromas, making it the ultimate refreshment on hot, sunny days like ours and is less bitter! Think about it. A cold, refreshing beer like Tiger Crystal actually complements several occasions and activities that we constantly engage in, whether indoors or outdoors.

Image Credit: Tiger Malaysia

For All Occasions

Planning on having a hotpot, with its constant bubbling and boiling? Tiger Crystal is great as a refreshment, especially if you’ve gone with a mala soup base. A barbecue done right at home would definitely be incomplete without Tiger Crystal. Spending your day off stretching luxuriously by the pool? Forget the fancy drinks with little umbrellas with them and opt for Tiger Crystal instead! Even intimate gatherings with friends and family could use some Tiger Crystal on hand as the choice of beer, as you snack your way through the evening, watching Netflix, playing board games, or simply just enjoying light-hearted conversation.

Image Credit: Tiger Malaysia

Be Cool

Furthermore, the heat can get overwhelming at most times. When this happens, take a step back. Sit down. Grab a Tiger Crystal. Cool down. Besides being one of the best ways to Beat The Heat, Tiger Crystal makes a great accompaniment to many of our favourite occasions too, allowing us to enjoy the moment. So pick up a Tiger Crystal, and enjoy the icy cold sensation it brings. Cheers!

Image Credit: Tiger Malaysia

Free Tiger Crystal Flasks!

On that note, as you pick up Tiger Crystal to enjoy, you can also get your hands on free Tiger Crystal flasks, and here’s how and where you can get them:

15th March – 30th April

  • Giant, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer: Buy 2x 6-can packs, and get 1 Tiger Crystal Flask
  • East Malaysia: Buy 2x 6-can packs, and get 1 Tiger Crystal Flask
  • Drinkies, Shopee: Buy 2x 6-can packs, and get 1 Tiger Crystal Flask

15th April – 31st May

  • The rest of the hyper/supermarkets (AEON, AEON Big, Jaya Grocer, Lotus, other participating outlets): Buy 2x 6-can packs, and get 1 Tiger Crystal Flask
Image Credit: Tiger Malaysia

Don’t these flasks look cool? Get yours now before stock runs out, where flasks are available in two colours as shown above! As always, remember to enjoy responsibly: don’t drink and drive, and adhere to all SOPs.

Note: Promotion is only for non-Muslims aged 21 and above.