Equip Your Children with the Best at Gakken Classroom

Equip Your Children with the Best at Gakken Classroom

Education is one of the greatest gifts and most empowering force in the world. For many, it is the key to open the door for a better life – It creates knowledge, builds confidence, and breaks down barriers to opportunity. In this day and age, it has become increasingly competitive to secure jobs and opportunities as people are being more educated. Hence, many parents believe in starting their children early, to give them any edge or advantage that opens up more opportunities. However, each child has a different learning pace and capacity, but at Gakken Classroom, you will find programs tailored to your child’s needs.

About Gakken

Gakken was established in 1946 in Japan by the late founder and educator, Hideto Furuoka based on his vision and passion for education. Gakken strongly believes that a child’s confidence gained from self-initiated learning is essential for success in today’s world. As such, Gakken Classroom, an after-school enrichment centre, was created to develop children‘s scholastic confidence while supporting them in discovering the joy of learning through Maths and Science.

Gakken Classroom’s education system is primarily based on:

  1. Individualized Learning
  2. Intensive Learning
  3. Repetitive and consistency learning

Gakken Classroom’s philosophy is in using educational materials that cater to students’ individual strengths. They make sure that the guidance they provide is tailor-made to match each student’s academic ability.

Equip Your Children with the Best at Gakken Classroom

Explore and Experiment at Gakken Classroom

In April 2015, Gakken introduced its first Science Experiment and Maths Classroom for kindergarten and primary students aged 4-12 years old in Malaysia. Based on Japanese syllabus, their programmes aim at nurturing the joy of learning in children, building self-confidence and imparting knowledge that will complement what they have learned in school. Their courses are conducted in English.

Instead of conventional teaching methods, their Maths course designed to suit each individual through a worksheet, helps students develop independence in solving problems. The children will take the initiative to learn the process with the teacher’s advice. This will enable them to read the problem, raise a question, and think at their own pace.

Equip Your Children with the Best at Gakken Classroom

Gakken believes that children learn and understand best from what they see, feel and manipulate. As such, Gakken Science Experiment Program was created based on the 3-principle idea of “observe, explore and reflect”. Focusing on improving children’s sense of inquiries, their variety of science experiments are child-driven, hands-on and activity-based. Each child will also receive an exclusive science kit every month so that they can explore not only at Gakken but also at home.

Tailored to Suit Each Child’s Ability

Unlike most of the after-school learning centres that focus only on preparing students for their examinations, Gakken Classroom teaches children on how to think critically and educates them about attitude towards logical thinking. Children at Gakken Classroom are taught to be determined in solving problems, instead of running away from them. They also learn to consider things by their own and respond appropriately in real life.

Equip Your Children with the Best at Gakken Classroom

The children living in today’s age is facing huge competition and are living in a more complex world than our parents. A child who only passively learns or only blatantly memorize without understanding will not be able to compete with others when they grow up. That’s why Gakken Classroom aims to nurture children’s problem solving, thinking, and self-learning skills which will benefit them not only for school performance but also for their whole life.

Gakken Classroom not only educates children with their academic ability but also learning attitude. Every child will need to put their shoes neatly, greet their teacher, and clean up after class all by themselves etc. Education is never only about the academic result at school, but also includes their ability to live in a society as a good citizen.

Equip Your Children with the Best at Gakken Classroom

More importantly, Gakken provides guidance that suits each student’s ability, allowing children to learn at their own individual pace. At Gakken Classroom, a student only proceeds to the next level after he or she has fully understood a lesson. This ensures that children are not pressured into learning against their will.

Why Gakken Classroom?

Gakken Classroom has a proven record for Reading Skills, Thinking Skills and Academic Achievements. It was ranked No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction in Educational Service Division for 2 years in a row in Japan. Currently, there are 15,000 Gakken Classrooms and 420,000 members in Japan. In Malaysia, Gakken plans to open more than 120 centres in the next 5 years. This will allow more children to gain access to quality educational materials that cater to students’ individual strengths, fun and self-initiated learning environment and customised guidance that is tailored to your child’s needs.

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