Dickson Chai Sings Out the Life of a Typical Worker

Like many others, Dickson makes a living off a salaried job. He wakes up at 7am every day to beat the jam, starts his routine job at 9am and goes off work on average at 8pm. While this daily routine has become monotonous to most people, Dickson found rhythm in it. Inspired by the life of a typical worker, the first solo album of Dickson Chai named <Workaholic> is thus born.

Introduction to <Workaholic> Album

The <Workaholic> album was officially launched on 31st July 2015. Created from scratch by Dickson himself, <Workaholic> contains 10 original composed songs which revolves around the routine of an employee, the life of a typical worker in one big rat race. The album from planning to recording to production took around two and a half years to complete. Every lyric is single-handedly created by Dickson himself. According to him, all the songs in the album were based on his own experience and observation as a worker.

“Through <Workaholic>, I would like to raise issues and feelings which a typical worker will face in his work life, and present it in a casual and humor way. I hope that when Malaysians listen to <Workaholic> album, it can help them release some stress after a long working day.” said Dickson.webmainpgWhile the album is in mandarin, Dickson told TallyPress that he hopes to reach out to the employees and bosses. Some of his songs such as ‘Worker’s Rhapsody’ describes the routine daily cycle of a worker and ‘Off Working Hour Now’ raises the long working hour issue among the workers.

About Dickson Chai

Dickson is a full time worker himself and he currently works as an assistant marketing manager in an ice cream company in Malaysia. Prior to this job, he was first a telemarketer, then worked in a radio station for about 4 years and subsequently became a business development personnel for a mobile accessories distributor.

This may come as a surprise to many people. Apparently Dickson is not a singer. Singing, song-composing and performing can only be his interests since Dickson needs a source of income to maintain his living.

“In fact, as the eldest son in the family, I carry responsibilities to become one of the income contributors ever since I graduated from University Of Malaya with a Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts – Theatre. Just like many others, I started working as an ordinary worker to earn money for living.” Dickson told TallyPress.


Nonetheless, this did not stop Dickson from pursuing his passion after working hours. He took on song composing projects and theater performances outside his working hours. Until one day, the idea of singing about a typical worker’s life came when he was stuck in a jam on the way home from work.

Despite how the idea came about, the <Workaholic> album did not come by chance. It is the result of hard work, courage to dream and talent no less. And Dickson’s talent for song composing and performing was traced back to all the way when he was 13. That was when he already knew how to compose. While it has always been his dream to produce an album, Dickson mentioned <Workaholic> would not have happened without his team members Keon Chia & Chow Kam Leong.

What is unique about the <Workaholic> Album?

While there is surely room for improvement in Dickson’s first ever solo album, it is rare to find a 10 songs full album in market these days. The concept of this album is a fresh one too since it is the very first album in Malaysian market which sings solely about work. Dickson also made sure all the lyrics are easy to understand so that you can relate to the songs comfortably. If you are a workaholic, remember to add Dickson’s <Workaholic> album to your collection of songs.


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