Cool Down at These 7 Dessert Spots in Sabah

Cool Down at These 7 Dessert Spots in Sabah
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Sabah is home to many good local signature foods: Ngiu Chap (mixed beef noodles), Tuaran Mee and Pinasakan (braised fish with a tangy fruit called takob akob), just to name a few. But The Land Below The Wind also houses plenty of dessert places selling ice cream & gelato to soy-based desserts, bingsu and ABC. That being said, here are the 7 dessert spots in Sabah in alphabetical order.

1) 5 Degrees Celsius

Operating in two outlets including Latitude 6 and City Mall, 5 Degrees Celsius invites customers with its wide range of artisanal Italian gelato and refreshing sorbets. And yes, they are handmade using quality ingredients, offering flavours like Almond Pistachio, Classic Tiramisu and Cheesecake. They also offer unique choices such as Dragon Ball (dragonfruit sorbet & lychee) and Champion Sorbet (white chocolate & passionfruit). You can enjoy it in a cup, or homemade cone or serve on top of buttermilk/charcoal Belgian waffles.


(Latitude 6) Lot 0-6, Latitude 6, Jalan Lintas, Kolombong, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

(City Mall) S-0-33, Block F, Ground Floor, City Mall, Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

5 Degrees Celsius
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2) Damai ABC

Damai ABC brings you back the nostalgic vibe of enjoying the good ol’ ABC. As expected, you get a bowl of the usual suspects: a shaved ice goodness of assorted ingredients from corn to cendol, red bean and grass jelly drizzled with Gula Melaka, evaporated milk and fresh coconut milk. Or try something different for a change: a unique Pumpkin ABC, which is one of their bestsellers. They also offer cooling desserts such as Pumpkin Sago, Cocktail Fruit Special and Lychee Kang.

Address: 6-8, Lorong Pokok Kayu Manis 2, Luyang Commercial Centre, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Damai ABC
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3) I-KO Soya

Fancy cooling down with some soya goodness? Try their fresh and silky smooth tau fu fa, where they allow you to customise with whatever choices are available. You can add the likes of soymilk, coconut jelly, peach gum and water chestnut popping boba, just to name a few for toppings. And finally, complete your order with a sugar syrup of your choice (white sugar, ginger sugar, chrysanthemum sugar or Gula Melaka). Among other recommended items include Iko Classic Sundae — a creamy combination of soymilk soft serve with Gula Melaka, roasted coconut flakes and grass jelly.

Address: Block No F, Lot 1, Ground Floor, Lintas Jaya, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I-KO Soya
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Located at ITCC Shopping Mall, Ice-Bah’s speciality lies in its smooth shaved ice with different flavours to choose from. This includes their bestselling Chocolate served with Oreo crumbs and the highly recommended Soya with Lotus Biscoff toppings. You can also level up your shaved ice with additional toppings such as vanilla ice cream, brown sugar agar pearl and red bean.

Address: Lot 63B-B, ITCC, Jalan Pintas Penampang, 89500 Penampang, Sabah.

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5) Lucky Bean

Here’s a dessert haven that tantalises your sweet tooth with its soy-based varieties. Indulge in the Signature Soya Ice, which offers the silky smoothness of tau fu fa and bite-sized delights of assorted ingredients like taro balls, peach gum and pearls. Looking for something tropical? You can’t go wrong with their sweet and refreshing Mango Soya — a heavenly combo of ripe mango cubes and smooth tau fu fa.

Address: 16-0 Block E, Ground Floor, Lintas Square, Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Lucky Bean
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6) The Bingsu Fruity

The Bingsu Fruity is more of a dessert stall for takeaway orders, even though they have some plastic stools under the shaded canopy. They serve assorted bingsu in transparent plastic cups, offering a variety of fruity flavours. This includes Mango, Kiwi, Dragonfruit, Honeydew and more — all of which are filled to the brim with respective fruit toppings, shaved ices, creams and syrups.

Address: AH150, 89500 Kinarut, Sabah.

The Bingsu Fruity
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7) Yöus

Located in Coastal Coffee Club, Yöus specialises in handmade artisan gelato that is churned in small batches to preserve its freshness and quality. They use only the best ingredients sourced locally and globally with no artificial flavours and colourings whatsoever. In other words, it’s pure gelato goodness as it should be. They offer flavours like Pistachio, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Tea, just to name a few.

Address: 11, Block A, Lorong Damai Point, Luyang Commercial Centre, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Yöus Gelato
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