Perk Up Your Weekends With ManMan Studios

Feeling like the weekends are a time to explore, and to get craftsy, but you just don’t know where to go? Maybe you even have an interest or hobby, and are looking to hone your skills with like-minded people? Look no further than ManMan Studios, who organised hobby classes/workshops, as well as event planning services! Thanks to them, we got to take part in one of their workshops over the last weekend!

What Went Down

On 8th August (Saturday), ManMan Studios hosted a media-exclusive Hand-Tied Bouquet workshop in collaboration with D.Blossom. An instructor from D.Blossom was there to provide us with step-by-step guides, including an introduction to floral tools, floral-handling tips, colour combination and flower matching, bouquet wrapping and more. What started out as a bunch of different flowers strewn across the table became a beautiful hand-tied bouquet under the instructor’s guidance.

ManMan Studios

Creating Art

During the workshop, each participant was to learn how to arrange the flowers into a bouquet, featuring a flower stalk with a smiley face as its centrepiece. A few different types of flowers were provided, and the central flower stalk was transformed into a smiley face guaranteed to brighten up the day. Different material were used for the eyes, smile and rosy cheeks. The instructor was knowledgeable and helpful as she not only demonstrated, but also walked around and helped us out if we required help.

ManMan Studios

About ManMan Studios

ManMan Studios is a KL-based studio which offers a variety of hobby classes and event planning. It was established with the objective of providing a place for everyone to have their inspiration flow, and their ideas spark, all within the hustle and bustle of the city life. With their mission to inspire and make the weekends great again, they offer a variety of classes that people would love. From embroidery stitching and floral arrangements to art jamming, pottery and more, they hope that everyone who joins them will not only be picking up a new hobby, but to turn it into a skill as well. And who knows, you might be able to make new friends too!

ManMan Studios

Significant Moments

Besides workshops and classes, they offer event planning services from A to Z too. Whether for team building, corporate events, wedding proposals or birthday parties, ManMan Studios can do it all for you! At their core, they hope to create significant moments in your life, and for everyone to express themselves without limits through the classes, whether now, or the future. As such, the name “ManMan” was derived: each “Man” is of a different Chinese character, with one meaning “slow”, and another meaning “flow”. Slowly but surely, through the flow.

ManMan Studios

For more upcoming workshops and information, do visit their social media page at @manman.studios!