10 Perks Of Being A Tall Girl In Malaysia

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While the short girls got their share of the spotlight recently, it’s time to show the tall ladies of Malaysia some love as well, because all girls rock! Here are 10 perks of being a tall girl in Malaysia!

1) You can reach just about anything

High shelves, tall cupboards, the stars. We see things way up above, and you can bet we can get them down too. Without a ladder.

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2) You take better selfies

With long arms come greater opportunities for well angled selfies.  Use these powers wisely, tall ones.  They will (literally) get you far. No need to invest in a selfie stick when you have one built in your body already.

Image Credit: moda.spisanie.to

3) You look fabulous in any outfit

Jumpsuits, maxi dresses, long skirts. You name it, tall girls rock it. Not to mention the superpower of being able to pull off short shorts and mini skirts, which incidentally, is perfect for our sweltering local heat. The world is your runway.

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4) You can suss out the haters

Hey, if someone keeps making disparaging comments about your height (note: awful giraffe jokes) they clearly cannot appreciate you for who you are, and that’s okay. That’s their loss (good luck reaching tall shelves!) and you are better off without such negativity in your life anyway!

Image Credit: teenstreetldn.tumblr.com

5) You’ll always stand out, so you may as well work it

They say why fit in when you were born to stand out, and when you’re a tall girl, you already do. So be confident about your height and stand tall!

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6) You’re unique

Yes, most Malaysian girls are petite, and that is considered a norm, but as a tall Malaysian girl you are in a small yet special category of awesome ladies like the statuesque former Miss Universe Malaysia, Deborah Henry. If that isn’t good company, what is?

Image Credit : stylemag.com.my

7) You always get a good view

Wherever you go, you needn’t worry about many people getting in your way or blocking your view. Especially when most of the population in your country is on the shorter side. See, being tall has some pretty awesome advantages!

Image Credit: memegenerator.net

8) You don’t need to wear heels

Sometimes a girl just needs to wear sneakers or ballet flats and that’s okay. Lucky for you, you’ll not be losing out since you’re already tall anyway.

Image Credit: stylebistro.com

9) But if you want to wear heels, you’ll rock ’em

Sometimes you just want to be a fashionista, and so you’ll put on your high heels and catwalk anywhere you please. Tyra Banks would be proud!

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10) You’ll never have to look far to find an arm rest

Finally, having long arms that reach out to take stuff off of high shelves and capture selfies can get super tiring, but fret not! You can always rest upon the shoulders of your beloved shorter friends.  You deserve it!

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Now before the Petite Police rages, we’re just kidding on that last one! Whatever your height is, be proud of the skin you’re in and don’t worry too much about other people think!